Day Two Down!

Today I felt much better mentally! Knowing what a pleasant office environment I was walking into helped me to calm down, focus, and feel more excited about what I am and will be further doing this fall. This internship is all new to me but I am grateful to have such helpful hands on deck to help see me through. Thank you everyone!

We finished up the City Tech Writer posters first. I was only able to finish one completely and yet I was able to give that one my all. Then we worked on a web banner for the FC website. After the break, we were given a redesign assignment. I’m very ecstatic about what I am working with. I did want to work more on¬†typography design and looks like I’ll be getting a chance with this new task!

Unfortunately its almost time to go home, but I feel excited about coming back and learning more.

4 thoughts on “Day Two Down!

  1. Julie,
    It is important to have continuity and carry over from day to day. Also, I noticed that you are using the poster wall to consider where and how to position logos as part of the design. Good to have and use resources that are easily available.

    We are all delighted that you are part of the training for the Design Team.

    • Thank you for your kind words Professor. I do enjoy having the poster wall to refer to for logo positioning, its a great help.

      And I am very glad to be a part of the Design Team!

  2. Julie, I really like your idea with the cork board for the CTW poster, even though you did not have enough time during training to finish your second poster, I would still love to see it if you decide to work on that idea in the future. I am also excited to see your final design for the New Department Chairs, it looks really interesting so far.

    • Thank you! I did spend some time making everything from scratch in Illustrator and making sure the whole scheme worked as a whole. And I do plan on continuing to work on the 2nd CTW for sure.

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