January Workshop Reflections

I’m glad that have a wonderful illustration experience┬áwith Prof. Eli. Today, I learned some great AI skills and interesting┬áeffects with him. I think I will apply all of them to my future┬ádesign work. I learned┬áhow to make patterns, and it’s so easy! Also, the shape tool is a useful tool for people to create some easy shapes. I was made a snowman patterns and used this tool. It really makes your life easier.

So, the sources that I use a lot is Instagram and Pinterest. I love those two so much. Both of that two software has a lot of great arttists on there, you can watch their blog and get a lot of ideas.

The one thing I want to challenge myself is I want to draw a poster only with the illustration because I never try this before. So I may like to do this as my challenge on this semester.

One thought on “January Workshop Reflections

  1. I am looking forward to seeing you apply the new skills you learned to your design work both at Faculty Commons and within your classes. Your snowman pattern looks awesome and I bet would make for a great holiday card or gift wrapping paper.

    I think your challenge is a good one. I myself have only ever created a poster with illustration as the focal point of the design only once and would say it definitely is challenging designing a poster that uses illustration as the underlying layout of a poster.

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