Research Assistant Series



Laurent Elysee EESL Research Assistant City Tech, CUNY

My name is Laurent Elysee, I’m a research assistant at the Energy and Environmental Simulation Laboratory (EESL) who revels in challenges and achieving personal goals. I’m majoring in Telecommunications Engineering at New York City College of Technology. My present career aim is to work within the environmental aspects of the world in detriment to the technologies we use, and more importantly to be able to relay such information to the rest of the population with an acute awareness of detailed health risk and the danger it encompasses. I find the work interesting/satisfying and the opportunity to learn new skills and work with new technologies is particularly attractive to me. It is an honor to have Prof. Nakamura as a mentor and to be working closely with him on the focus of particulate matter (PM—Black carbon) being released in the air in many different settings. In New York city, studies have eluded to subway stations being prime areas for said plight.



Xiao Lin EESL Research Assistant City Tech, CUNY

I’m Xiao Lin, a research assistant in the Energy and Environmental Simulation Laboratory (EESL). I am researching on New York City’s food waste and eco-design. Recently I have read Prof. Nakamura’s book chapter “Municipal Solid Waste” and found that food waste is an interesting topic. It is produced during commercial activities and every family’s daily life. In the treatment processes such as collection and recycling, the food waste costs a lot in New York City. We will analyze a product design related to food waste. For example, a refrigerator can reduce the amount of food waste by extending a freshness of the foods, but refrigerators consume a large amount of energy and produce Greenhouse gases (GHGs). Therefore, a better eco-design can contribute to minimizing the environmental impacts which will be my second research topic: a new eco-design of a brown bin can improve the efficiency of food waste collection and recycling. It can also help the government to manage the waste.



Tu Ngoc Phuong Nguyen EESL Research Assistant City Tech, CUNY

My name is Tu Nguyen, a senior research assistant at EESL and a recent graduate student majored in Biochemistry with a Computer Science minor at City College of New York. With a major concern about health and environment, I incorporate my knowledge to study about relationship of the environmental factors and human health. I came up with my research topic, the study about the relationship of particulate matters and human health, simply from commute to school and work by public transportation every day and how hard it is for the commuters to respire under the enclosed system. Under the supervision of Professor Nakamura and with the major help of my partners, we have developed the air quality sensor to detect and collect different sizes of particulate matters in the subway system. With the data we collect, the analysis will be performed and solutions for the air quality control will be suggested and deployed in urban cities.



Bryan Ortiz EESL Research Assistant City Tech, CUNY

My name is Bryan Ortiz and I’m a mechanical engineering tech major. I joined the the EESL to learn more on ways of making renewable and sustainable energy, and to learn how to perform research. I always had an affinity to help people with my engineering, and I felt that renewable energy was the way to go, since I love nature. However, my dream is to do engineering work in other countries as well, especially Japan or Hong Kong. I want to do that by researching and creating inventions to make the world more sustainable.



Patrice Prosper EESL Research Assistant, City Tech, CUNY

I’m Patrice Prosper a research assistant at the Energy and Environmental Simulation Laboratory (EESL). I’m a computer science major and interested in utilizing stimulative tools to help the evaluate the immediate environmental conditions in an effort build local and possibly global awareness. I’m concerned about the social aspect of environmental sustainability, mainly getting citizens to be accountable for their consumption and waste production through building awareness. Many people think that they don’t have control of the environment, that its out of their hands or that its too late to do anything about climate change of global warming. Its not too late an we can do something on the individual level. The skills and tools that I bring to the table here at EESL are statistical analysis aka “Data Science”, computer programming languages: C++, Java, JavaScript and Python, and real-world experience having working apparel manufacturing witnessing first hand waste production on a mass scale. I’m excited about learning how to actively collect data and present scientific research in a professional format here at EESL.



Ryan Redhead EESL Research Assistant City Tech, CUNY

I’m Ryan Redhead, a research assistant at the Energy and Environmental Simulation Laboratory (EESL). I am a Mechanical Engineering major at New York City College of Technology and I am interested in turning waste to energy. What I can bring to the group in particular will come in the form of knowledge in Mechanical Engineering.This research seems particularly interesting to me since so much waste is produced by people. This waste is taking up space and not being utilized in the world to its full potential. To me waste seems like an abundant untapped resource .If we can find a way to harness energy from waste, the possibilities would be endless. I am excited to learn more about research in general and the topic of turning waste into energy.



Deepakie Singh Sodhi EESL Research Assistant City Tech, CUNY

I’m Deepakie Singh Sodhi, a senior research assistant at the Energy and Environmental Simulation Laboratory (EESL) at City College of Technology. I am a recent graduate student from Queens College, majored in Data Analytics and Applied Sociology Research. I am interested in researching and working towards topics revolved around social impact concerning environmental issues, sustainability and society as a whole. My past research work contributes to public health issues such as mental illness, impact of education, gaps between gender, etc. With my research, I aim to work towards a sustainable, safer and growing society. With my master’s program, I have become an quantitative and qualitative analyst engrossed with examining, exploring and discovering important findings, patterns in large datasets. In my experience, I have analyzed big datasets, conducted effective statistical models, developed extensive and detailed reports, and used my presenting skills to expand research and analytics knowledge with others. I am excited to work on a new project with Professor Nakamura on Smart Gun Technology. Through my research, I aim to better understand the social impact of gun violence on shooters, victims and public. With all that goes around the world, I think it is important to ensure everyone feels safe and is capable to protect one another as well as themselves. Debate on gun control after multiple mass shootings in United States has been the midpoint of discussion. Through my research, I would like to actively present the importance and variation of social impact it has on us, as a society.


Jasmin Timur EESL Research Assistant City Tech, CUNY



Waley Guo EESL Research Assistant City Tech, CUNY



Brian Yellis EESL Research Assistant City Tech, CUNY