We’ve given a workshop in a UNIS-UN conference 3/2/2018 at UNIS, New York, NY

We gave a workshop in a UNIS-UN conference 2018 (http://www.unis-un.org/) on 3/2/2018 about Smart City Technology for a sustainable society. Our student team provided presentations on our energy and environmental research. It was very fun to discuss this topic with participants from all over the world. The president of UN International School (UNIS) expressed hisĀ appreciation to us. We will continue to conduct research on Data-driven Sustainability including Smart Gun Technology.

United Nations International School (UNIS) is a conference site.

We are excited to give the presentation in the workshop

“The presentation at the UNIS was a lucrative experience for me. I presented and discussed my project which is primarily focused on using “Big Data” to reduce “Crime”. I was surprised to see that students were so much interested in learning about how “Big Data” can be help to build “Smart” and “Safer” societies.” –Ā Jahazaib Adil

“My presentation was about my research from last semester, aquaponic farming. I realized I was a bit nervous speaking because we did not have a chance for group rehearsal. Despite this, I felt like I hit all my keynotes. I realized I did not pick an effective font for my presentation and I will remember this for my next presentation. My presentation was interesting because it is related to urban planning/sustainability, something that effects a huge number of people and the future of cities globally.” –Ā Andrew Betz

“I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to present my work to a large audience. My research involved the construction of a forward acting grate to be used to gather data from experimental work. Although I was a bit nervous to present to a large crowd it was non-the less a good experience to have lived through and taken part of. ” -Brian Yellis

“The UNIS presentation was a new and unique experience for me.Ā  My research is on the construction of a forward acting grate combustion chamber.Ā  Our goal is to analyze which method of mixing would be best for producing energy. This technology could burn trash and free up a lot of space in landfills while generating large amounts of energy.Ā  This was the most people I have ever presented in front of and I found it to be a highly beneficial experience. ” –Ā Justin Colon

“The UNIS event was empowering. It was so global. They seem to get rising sea levels.” -Cheryl Thomas

“My presentation was about my research project in which I researched the potential to create efficient ā€œgreenā€ batteries by using metal hydrides to sequester H+ in the ocean. Presenting my research to UNIS students was amazing because I had the ability to provide knowledge of critical issues, like global warming, to kids all over the world while addressing my solution and research, which could potentially inspire and influence those to fulfill a career in the sciences and change the world.”- Rua Hamid

“My presentation was about the level of fine particle matter (PM2.5) in NYC subway system. There are not a lot of data presenting publicly so our goal is to measure and conduct more data to better understand the air quality. The UN presentation helped me boost my confidence level of speaking to the younger generation about health and air issue in aĀ big city, especially NYC.”- Tu Nguyen

“I presented on my research project which is about reducing Dioxin emissions by recirculating SO2 in the combustion chamber when burning hazardous waste. The entire experience of presenting in front of high school students has boosted my confidence level. I am glad to be able to share it with them and inspire those who want to engage in doing research relating environmental issues in future.” – Farzana Mahamud

“I was very excited to bring my students to a UNIS-UN workshop for 400 high-school students from all over the world.” “They successfully presented their research projects for solving environmental issues using sensors, data, and engineering analysis. These students’ projects are related to data-driven sustainability, we called Smart City Technology, which is very important for the young generation who lives not only in the US but also in other countries. Through this UN workshop, our students sent a very strong message to people gathered UNIS and UN on behalf of CUNY and City Tech community, as an NY-local educational institute” –Ā Professor Masato Nakamura

A lot of attendees waiting for the workshop and conference in UNIS

Professor Masa Nakamura started the workshop and introduced Smart City Technology

Jahazaib Adil

Cheryl Thomas

Justin Colon andĀ Brian Yellis

Rua Hamid

Tu Ngoc Phuong Nguyen

Farzana Mahamud

Andrew Betz

Discussion and Q&A

After we finish providing the workshop, the students were relaxed

And they took a lot of photos

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