Simulation Group

Simulation Group

Group Members:
++ Salma Taher
++ Kim Smith
++ Masa Nakamura


Research activities:
++ Mathematical modeling for environmental simulation
++ Coding for motor control and sensor detection
++ Quantitative analysis
++ Small form factor (SFF) computer design for reducing an eWaste production

One thought on “Simulation Group

  1. Masato R. Nakamura, Eng.Sc.D. Post author

    1. Device that enables to see at night –dark areas.
    2. Device that tells you dangerous beast is approaching you.
    3. Device that alerts you from risky chemicals and devices.
    4. Device that will human being to fly without wings.
    5. Device that will let us understand what the animals talk.
    6. Device that will keep us awake up to 2-5 days.
    7. Device that will help us get good ideas.


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