The 1st grant writing team meeting in V509 from 4pm 07/09/2015

1. Introduction
2. NSF
3. DOE
4. EPA
6. Schedule, next meeting


Discussions we had:
+ Each member will find a grant opportunity from either or
+ Next meeting will be on Thursday 7/16 from 4:30pm

Members  attended:
+ Masa Nakamura
+ Chris Amoroso
+ Charles Wandalo
+ Sharon Jones
+ Api Castano
+ Franklin Foulen

12 thoughts on “The 1st grant writing team meeting in V509 from 4pm 07/09/2015

  1. Masato R. Nakamura, Eng.Sc.D. Post author

    1. Environmental Engineering:
    2. Energy for Sustainability:
    3. Engineering and System Design
    4. Mechanics of Materials and structures

  2. CA

    Solar Terrestrial
    National Science Foundation


    Supports research on the processes by which energy in diverse forms is generated by the Sun, transported to the Earth, and ultimately deposited in the terrestrial environment. Major topics include space weather impacts, helioseismology, the solar dynamo, the solar activity cycle, magnetic flux emergence, solar flares and eruptive activity, coronal mass ejections, solar wind heating, solar energetic particles, interactions with cosmic rays, and solar wind/magnetosphere boundary problems.


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