Over the weekend Professor, Joshua, Sharon and myself helped moved the forward and vibrating grate to room 511A. Professor Berri has allowed us to clear the space there to continue our work giving us more room to do things.

We performed a test run of the vibrating grate and used the raspberry pi and monitor to observe the movement. After 15-20 minutes the motor gave out on us. We purchased a used one online and the gear and the spindle came off of the Speed reducer body. Before it wasn’t an issue because it was assumed to be in tact but because of the heavy vibration coming from the motor we realized after the fact that it wasn’t screwed on at all allowing it to come off after a while. This occurred over the weekend.

On Monday, Lynne, Sam, Alice, and I went to home depot to buy the necessary bolt and nuts to keep everything in place. Sam and I were able attach the bolts and nuts on the motor and speed reducer. We also added an L-brace to provide stability between them.

Yesterday Professor, Joshua ,  and myself finally completed the assembly of the server.

Yesterday Joshua and I were able to install attachments to the L-brace connected to the motor and speed reducer to create more stability.


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