Homework Due Monday Sept. 27th

  • Draft of Project 1 DUE MON. SEPT. 27th. I cannot accept late drafts as I will not have time to review them. 
  • Read “How to Read Like a Writer” by Mike Bunn and write a response to the questions in the comments below. Please make sure to comment on AT LEAST one of your classmate’s posts! 
    • What did you think of this text? Explain! 
    • What is it mostly about? Write a 2-3 sentence summary. Be specific. Refer to the text itself. Use quotes even! 
    • What is the genre of the text? What is the tone?
    • What tips or ideas did you learn about how to Read Like a Writer? (provide at least 2 examples!) How might you apply it (use it) when you read?
    • Can you explain what you think the author means when he says, “When you read like a writer, you are trying to figure out how the text you are reading was constructed so that you learn how to ‘build’ one for yourself” (74). Be specific. Share a personal example, if possible.
    • Let’s think about the “context” of this text. What is the author (Mike Bunn’s) purpose in writing this piece? Who is his intended audience?