I had a lot of fun with my Unit 2 assignment, and I learned so much about the topic that I wrote about. The topic that I did my research on was global warming. Some of the most important things that I learned about this topic was that people do not have to spend a lot of money in order to limit global warming. I learned that we can plant trees, we do not always have to drive everywhere, sometimes we can walk or even bike. Public transportation is also a great way to help out. Even recycling can help limit global warming. Since this is a topic that I love to educate people on, I would like to speak to an audience of City Tech freshman. The reason why I chose this audience is because we are all young adults, and I feel like it is important for us to learn how to take care of out planet so we can have the best experience on it possible. The best way that I think I can reach this audience is to provide a number of TED Talks that go into detail about how we can protect our planet, and information on the planet its self such as information on the ozone layer. As I go back to my unit 2 assignment there are many things that I am proud of. To start off, I am proud of the topic that I chose. I took this topic really serious because I wanted people to know how much out planet is being damaged due to unnecessary actions. I am also proud of the way that I explained each of my new york times research topics. One thing that I wish I could have done better is my concluding statement, I feel like it did not have as much emotion as my other paragraphs. In my final portfolio I will definitely try my hardest to create a perfect writing piece that can make people want to take interest in my writing.