English Composition II


HW Day One

My audience is women, young adults, people who love Rap/HipHop artists, and Nicki Minaj fans. The main point of my research is to inform young girls, young adults, and women that they don’t need to shield their talent or drive from the world. In a world with male dominance, we women should not have the fear to do whatever it is we like. My inspiration to be ambitious comes from rapper Nicki Minaj. The genre for my Unit 3 project will be a TED Talk. I believe this is the best genre to work with because women’s empowerment is all about listening, supporting, and learning about self-worth. For this project, I will learn more about the basics of TED talks such as the structure, time, and the points I will cover. 

HW Day Two:  

For Spring Break, I would like to spend time finishing up assignments and projects I have left for all my classes. On the other hand, because this has been the most stressful semester I’ve encountered, this Spring break I’d like to relax and stay in. 

As for the Unit 3 project, I will research information about TED Talks, more information, and sources from interviews and radio station talk from Nicki Minaj that showed when she stood up for women. 

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  1. Prof. Edelson

    Hi Johanna,
    Sorry to hear you are so stressed this semester. I look forward to you TedTalk. Your commitment to women’s empowerment is important and I’m glad you’ve taken the time to cultivate it.
    Prof. Edelson

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