English Composition II

WEEK 6 Jayden Baird

Global warming is a very important topic that people should learn and speak about more. climate change is something that happens naturally, but as years go on humans have made climate change unnatural by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas which produces heat. In the New York Times article “Warning on Mass Extinction of Sea Life: An Oh My God Moment”  scientist have said “marine extinction risk from climate warming” These scientist have been researching this topic for many years and want to explain what might happen in the upcoming centuries. In the article the scientist state that ” under the high emissions scenario that the scientist modeled, in which pollution from the burning of fossil fuels continues to climb, warming would trigger ocean species loss by 2,300 that was on par with the five mass extinctions in earths past. The last of these wiped out the dinosaurs.” one of the worst extinctions in earths history came 250 million years ago. It is known as the “great dying”  it claimed more than 90 percent of species in the oceans. The cause of so many ocean species dying was global warming, triggered by volcanic eruption,. The ocean lost oxygen, and many fish were succumbed to heat stress. This shows how important it is to not speed up the process of global warming. There are many ways us as people can limit global warming, such as saving energy at home, we can start walking to some places or even biking, whatever we can do to save earth.

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  1. Prof. Edelson

    Thank you, Jayden. This paragraph is informative and clearly heartfelt. Please continue to research and try to help other become more informed as well.

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