English Composition II

Week 11 HW Day One

Audience – Fourth Graders

Main Point – Why It’s Important Younger Students don’t hate school and If they do, why should they keep going ?

The Genre is School – The reason is because school is most likely the most important thing going on in these 4th graders lives right now and being miserable and hating it isn’t going to help the time go by faster, in fact it’s the exact opposite.

Plan – My audience will be the 4th graders and the genre will be school. I know at this age most children hate school, they don’t want to be there and they have yet to realize just how important their education really is. I will use different multimodal strategies in order to push my main point that they shouldn’t hate school and why they should keep going. In order to do this i’ll start with Intro images and some explanations, A mad person hating school to relate to the students and explain I was also in the same place as them, a sick person in order to show how I got sick and explaining how it affected my education, a bored person to show how much more boring it was being home sick not doing anything, a sad person to show how sad I got when all my friends were graduating and I wasn’t.


Images – Money, cars, candy and food, a great job, a great family, most importantly no school!

These images will grab the kids attention and show that they can have whatever they want if they just keep going and not give up.

Schedule –

Day one – begin grabbing images that relate and start creating the slides and explanations for the images.

Day two – start creating the story so I can grab their attention and have them hooked on my story to then relate it back to them.

Day three – combine the images and writing together.

Day four – final changes / additions and submission.

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  1. Prof. Edelson

    Hi Brandon,
    This assignment is supposed to be a “remix” of your Unit 2 work, which was about Basketball. So switching to school at this point probably won’t be great. Instead, the assignment asks you to look at Basketball through another lens and write or create for a DIFFERENT audience. (You wrote Unit 2, I believe, primarily for a sports enthusiast.) You can use video, audio, poetry or art to reach your audience, but you must wrap it up with an Artist’s statement to clarify what your mission is and how you accomplished it. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    I am passing you for this week’s assignment, of course, because it’s clear you worked hard and gave the assignment appropriate time and attention. You express yourself well and your ideas are meaningful. However! Watch out because your actual plan would not fulfill the assignment for Unit 3.
    Prof. Edelson

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