The opening the author uses is a quote of what he thinks about traveling. I actually like this opening because it made me want to keep reading just to understand his quote. I think this pretty effective as a hook and this is something I would probably use.

   The first bit of research is literally in the next paragraph where he explains how you could find peace in traveling where he’s able to support his point.

  In the body of the article the author tied his personal information to traveling by explaining his personal experience with traveling and how it made him feel. From there is where the author starts introducing his research.

    I like how the author structured his paragraphs because it flowed together nicely. And he would usually start the paragraph with a question so it transitioned well.

That was the only thing I didn’t notice, the author didn’t have any images.

The author concluded his article by circling back to his initial idea and using an impactful quote. Almost like the way he started his article. But it did leave a impactful impression because it made me think about the traveling that I’ve done and my experiences.