OFFICE HOURS THIS WEEK 11 on Tuesday With Librarian Prof. Berger who can help you with all of your research questions and ideas.

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HW Day One: Rough Draft (at least 1200 words)

You  have the intro, nut graf, a few paragraphs with quotations, and your field research.  You’ve also looked at the ways published feature articles are structured. In office h, you’ll probably need to review conclusions. Here, you may want to visit  this slideshow from earlier in the semester.  

Post a working rough draft EARLY in the week and make sure to “publish” the rough draft so others can comment.

2) Offer constructive feedback on two other essays.  Help your friends get a better grade! Show them where they made typos or aren’t making sense! Be there for each other!!

  • Write at least one short letter to a peer (at least 150  words) explaining what you thought the purpose of their article was and which audience it was addressed to. Then, choose at least 2 specific examples in the article where you felt the student achieved his/her purpose or successfully appealed to his/her audience, and explain why you thought they were successful. Finally, suggest 2 aspects of the article where you were confused or wanted to know more. Be very specific about what you wanted to know and why (or where you were confused and why). Begin your letter with your partner’s name and sign your own name.
  • Note that you do not have to follow all the changes your peers suggest. Just take what they say into account; you ultimately must decide what needs to be revised.