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fold game story

Act One Beginning:

Dylan wakes up in the orphanage on a typical day. He goes about waking the rest of the kids up. Then he heads to the kitchen and makes omelets. After breakfast he takes the kids out for grocery shopping. After going out for walks Dylan sees children with their family and is eager to find out who he really is. He becomes upset and goes back home without buying groceries. He arrives back at orphanage and runs to the window near the kitchen and starts crying. The caretaker heard crying noises and goes to take care of Dylan. He explains his problem to the caretaker.  She told him that he was special and if he really wanted to know the answer to his question then he has to go find the hermit that lives in a cave. Satisfied by this answer he begins making preparation for the journey to the hermit and goes to sleep early. In the middle of the night though a major storm hits the town and destroys the orphanage.

Act Two Journey:

Dylan wakes up with the sun beaming down on him and looks around to see that the orphanage was destroyed. He helps the other kids get out of the disaster safely. He gathers what he can from his preparations and starts is journey. He heads into the forest behind the orphanage and immediately feels someone following him. He looks around and is immediately attacked by a small troll. Dylan uses his paper supply to defeat the small troll, and gathers the trolls paper remains. As soon as he finishes he is immediately attacked by another one. This time it is a medium troll, but he is caught off guard and decided to run instead. While running he encounters a bigger troll. He runs faster towards the mountains. He sees an elderly figure and yells for help. The elderly figure guides Dylan to his house. Dylan interrogates the old man and the old man reveals himself as the hermit. The hermits send Dylan to go see the king in his palace in Paris, France.

Act Three Ending:

Dylan makes his way to Paris and finds the entire city in battle. Determined to find his father he heads into town and encounters a few French army soldiers and they attacked him. Dylan decides to fight them and kills all of them. He picks up the paper from the soldiers remains. He goes further into the city and encounters king’s guards. Dylan explains to the guard that he wants to meet the king. The guards not believing him attacks him. Dylan subdue the guards and heads into the palace. He encounters the king sitting in his throne and reveals who he is. The king and Dylan unites and France wins the revolution.



Future New York, year 2220.  50 years ago, the sun released a solar wave that broke the last remnants of the ozone layer.  Thank goodness scientists were aware of the impending doom and cities around the world were able to create a solar protectant, a metallic sky to encase the cities in oxygen and solar regulated dome-like systems, before the solar flare killed all life.  Unfortunately, the extent of the Metallic Sky was only large enough to encase Manhattan Island.  We now live Under, in a city nickname Metal-atten. (Manhattan, get it?)  The world we know and grew up with is a layer of metal sky, protecting us by the sun and storing solar energy to run the city.  There is projection technology that imitates night and day, towns outside of Metal-attan are usually inhabited by bandits, smugglers, and crazies, and located in the larger subway stations.  The subway tunnels are called Subterranean.  Apartments are small and minimalistic, with a flow of technology that lives in the hub (truly Google headquarters).  Food is vitamin-like at the most, flavorless—protein bars, nutrition drinks, chemically made stuff.  Meat is rare, but vegetables still grow in Central Park, now called Greenhouse One.  The people are weaker than normal, but gyms are available but highly regulated to prevent excessive muscularity (resource regulation).  Those who can survive above ground are contaminated and have a layer of plastic-like skin over their features, small inset eyes like a mole, and robust because they have true food.  Plants can still survive but have evolved into predators of their own, and, without government breathing down their backs, cannibalism isn’t frowned upon Above.

You and your classmate, Sabel Hunter, have finally graduated from Police Academy and are ready to begin your career as Enforcement Officers.  It is your first day out of the Academy, and you have finally woke up and turned on the TeleComm.  The news pops up, showing the front of City Hall.  RoboMrG is reporting the news, telling us about the recent developments of MetalHeads, a gang that is gaining strength fairly quickly.  After watching that clip, you change the channel and veg out.  You glance at the clock, amazed to find that it is already 8:15. Oh no! Sabel will be here in 10 minutes! You rush to the closet and grab the first outfit that appeals to you.  Running downstairs with your laces flying, you skid to a halt in front of Sabel’s PuttPutt.  Her aviator glasses are firmly pressed against her face and she is tapping information on her DataComm.  “Hey [name].  What took you so long?  We’re supposed to be at base first thing.” As you slide into the car, she turns to you and says “Had breakfast yet?”

Later that morning, the two of you make it to the 34th Street Precinct to pick up the company car, Matador 54, to drive around to check out the city. This year, the crime rate is high. People have to seek shelter from governments & rats. Cops have to be on alert and on call 24 hrs a day.  As You are driving, You came across a commotion in a store. Approximately eight people are yelling at each other, a combination of owner, employees and customers, mainly high school kids, who are trying throw cans at the store. The public is trying to hold them off and someone has a VidTech recorder! We have to step in to stop the commotion. The kids are running away. What You couldn’t believe– they are in ninja turtle suits and running away with pizza!!!!

The next day, You start your rounds at 42nd Street. While in the Matador 54, You and Sabel head to the main two food sources of Metal-atten—M&M Store and Hershey World. You hear a noise from M&M World so You and Sabel rush up the 80 miles per hour escalator. “False alarm” says Sabel, “Let’s head back to the Matador”. You say “OlĂ© mutherfucker.”  You and Sabel then get a zap from your ToneBox. They have reported sighting horticulturist Brittney Goulash being harassed by metal-wearing bandits inside the Hershey World.  As you both look out the window, these creatures have blocked the entrance and You see Brittney Goulash through the window of Hershey World.  Saving Brittney is the first step in Your next adventure.

After returning to base, Brittney speaks with Commissioner Frank Bryant, a surly aged man.  Based on intensive research and development, Brittany believes that in the Bronx Botanical Garden lies the solution that can improve the lives of everyone. Above lies mutated wild animals and poisonous plants that resulted from intensive amounts of radiation. A mutated honey badger, one of the most dangerous creatures above ground with metallic armor like skin, is tracking You, Sable and Brittany. You notice the badger has zeroed in on You and You decide if you should run or fight the honey badger.   You shoot the badger.  The badger has metallic like armor and bullets will deflect off its body. The badger becomes enraged and runs after you with razor like claws. The only way to kill the badger is to throw sulfuric acid. You run to a small lake that contains the acid and lure the badger close to you. As the badger leaps forward with its claws, at the nick of time you duck and roll out of the way as the badger splashes into the lake of acid. Brittany rushes towards you to make sure you are alright. The dying badger leaps out of the acid and comes at you with its final and crushing death blow. Brittany pushes you out of the way and gets slashed across her mid-section. The badger dies, but in its claws were hints of acid.

Don’t Open The Box

While investigating the death of a local doctor, a brave police officer called Jack Sack uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed, silver box circulating throughout New York. As soon as anyone opens the box, they will find a key. Also, he or she has exactly 31 days left to live. The doomed few appear to be ordinary people during day to day life, but when photographed, they look translucent. After the investigation, Jack decides to head out to the his precinct because that’s where the silver box is locked up. It’s locked up in a precinct because cops couldn’t allow another individual to pass. Jack gets hold of the box, refusing to believe the superstition. As soon as he gets a hold of the box, he opened it without fear. He gets a hold of the big black key inside. When he does this a collage of images flash into his mind: Jack walking down the street and getting shot, an old newspaper headline about a drunk driving accident with Jack dying, an abandoned house that nobody has entered for years. Jack then takes the key inside the box and puts it in his pocket. He heads Home with the box and takes a nap. He then wakes up to strange noises of a little girl laughing. He wakes up and sees a little girl right in front of him (her back facing him). She’s just laughing. Jack attempts to get up, but he can’t feel any part of his body. He can’t get up. At this moment, the girl turns around. She has no eyes. No nose. No ears. Just dark hair and a mouth. She comes close to Jack and says,” 31 days.” She then disappears right in front of his eyes. Jack can move now.

When Jack notices he can’t move parts of his body at times, he realizes that the curse of the silver box is true and calls in his ex-girlfriend, a private detective called Michelle Banks, to help.

Michelle examines the box (after Jack already opened it and took out the key) and willingly submits herself to the curse. She notices a different type of key. Her key is small and white. She finds that the same visions flash before her eyes. She joins the queue for a supernatural death. Michelle leaves Jack’s place and gets in her car. As she’s driving home she stops at a read light. She notices 2 individuals dressed all in black with a poster. They’re crossing the street, but stop right in front of her car. She makes out the letters on the poster. “31 Days.” Michelle can’t move. She can’t give has. She can’t open the door. As soon as the light turns green, the individuals disappear right in front of her eyes and she can drive again.

Jack and Michelle talk it over again over the phone. They talk about their visions. The house. They notice that a house was at the end of both their visions. They notice that it looks familiar. They’ve seen it before. Jack mentions how it looks like the abandoned house 4 miles from his house. They agree to check it out the next morning.

Johnny and Michelle pursue a quest to uncover the meaning of the visions, starting with a search for the house. Will they be able to stop the curse before their time is up?

Game Design Document

Here are the elements that need to be included in your Game Design Document.


Cover Page

Name of your game

Team members


Section 1 – Analysis

Video Game Narrative

Summarize the entire video game stor, including all branching story path side quests.

Target Audience

Who is your group’s target audience?  Why should the player care about your group’s hero (i.e., the protagonist)?  Why is your group’s story socially relevant or engaging to the proposed target audience?

Delivery Platform

What is the ideal platform that your group wants this game to come out on (e.g., PlayStation 4, PC, mobile, etc.)? Why is this the best platform for the game?

Review of Competing Games

Look up at least three existing games that are similar to your group’s game. What do these games do that is similar to your group’s game? Why is your group’s game better? Be sure to include the name of the company, publication year, and software.


Section 2 –  Design

Player Characteristics

What does your group expect players to already know before they play your game? For example, if yours is a mystery game, you assume that they understand how mysteries work (clues, red herrings, etc.). How do they type in their choices: Y or N? 1, 2, 3, 4? Click radio buttons?

Game Mechanics

How does the game play work?  That is, what do players have to do in order to access the menu? Fight? To find the inventory and stats? What button do they push to get there? How do they type in their choices: Y or N? 1, 2, 3, 4? Click radio buttons?


What do the players have to do in order to win the game? What makes this game challenging and engaging to players? In other words, if the “right” way through the game is always by choosing Choice 1, that makes for a boring game. Or if there’s only one way through, that’s also boring. Or if it’s all dialogue and exposition, that’s also boring. In other words, if the solution is too easy, that makes for a game that’s not challenging. So tell us why your game, the path, the choices, all work together to make it challenging.


Section 3 –  Project Description


Verbally, lay out the branching paths to show us what a player has to do to win.What choices are they presented with? What happens depending on the choice? A long example can be found on

Visual Map of the Game

Use mapping software, or draw it/take a photo of it. If you use Vue, you can attach the Vue file so that all the branches are clearly shown.

Conceptual Art

Create or find free images to create a vision board for your game. Show us what you think you game would look like if it were actually a 2- or 3-D animated video game.



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