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Future New York, year 2220.  50 years ago, the sun released a solar wave that broke the last remnants of the ozone layer.  Thank goodness scientists were aware of the impending doom and cities around the world were able to create a solar protectant, a metallic sky to encase the cities in oxygen and solar regulated dome-like systems, before the solar flare killed all life.  Unfortunately, the extent of the Metallic Sky was only large enough to encase Manhattan Island.  We now live Under, in a city nickname Metal-atten. (Manhattan, get it?)  The world we know and grew up with is a layer of metal sky, protecting us by the sun and storing solar energy to run the city.  There is projection technology that imitates night and day, towns outside of Metal-attan are usually inhabited by bandits, smugglers, and crazies, and located in the larger subway stations.  The subway tunnels are called Subterranean.  Apartments are small and minimalistic, with a flow of technology that lives in the hub (truly Google headquarters).  Food is vitamin-like at the most, flavorless—protein bars, nutrition drinks, chemically made stuff.  Meat is rare, but vegetables still grow in Central Park, now called Greenhouse One.  The people are weaker than normal, but gyms are available but highly regulated to prevent excessive muscularity (resource regulation).  Those who can survive above ground are contaminated and have a layer of plastic-like skin over their features, small inset eyes like a mole, and robust because they have true food.  Plants can still survive but have evolved into predators of their own, and, without government breathing down their backs, cannibalism isn’t frowned upon Above.

You and your classmate, Sabel Hunter, have finally graduated from Police Academy and are ready to begin your career as Enforcement Officers.  It is your first day out of the Academy, and you have finally woke up and turned on the TeleComm.  The news pops up, showing the front of City Hall.  RoboMrG is reporting the news, telling us about the recent developments of MetalHeads, a gang that is gaining strength fairly quickly.  After watching that clip, you change the channel and veg out.  You glance at the clock, amazed to find that it is already 8:15. Oh no! Sabel will be here in 10 minutes! You rush to the closet and grab the first outfit that appeals to you.  Running downstairs with your laces flying, you skid to a halt in front of Sabel’s PuttPutt.  Her aviator glasses are firmly pressed against her face and she is tapping information on her DataComm.  “Hey [name].  What took you so long?  We’re supposed to be at base first thing.” As you slide into the car, she turns to you and says “Had breakfast yet?”

Later that morning, the two of you make it to the 34th Street Precinct to pick up the company car, Matador 54, to drive around to check out the city. This year, the crime rate is high. People have to seek shelter from governments & rats. Cops have to be on alert and on call 24 hrs a day.  As You are driving, You came across a commotion in a store. Approximately eight people are yelling at each other, a combination of owner, employees and customers, mainly high school kids, who are trying throw cans at the store. The public is trying to hold them off and someone has a VidTech recorder! We have to step in to stop the commotion. The kids are running away. What You couldn’t believe– they are in ninja turtle suits and running away with pizza!!!!

The next day, You start your rounds at 42nd Street. While in the Matador 54, You and Sabel head to the main two food sources of Metal-atten—M&M Store and Hershey World. You hear a noise from M&M World so You and Sabel rush up the 80 miles per hour escalator. “False alarm” says Sabel, “Let’s head back to the Matador”. You say “Olé mutherfucker.”  You and Sabel then get a zap from your ToneBox. They have reported sighting horticulturist Brittney Goulash being harassed by metal-wearing bandits inside the Hershey World.  As you both look out the window, these creatures have blocked the entrance and You see Brittney Goulash through the window of Hershey World.  Saving Brittney is the first step in Your next adventure.

After returning to base, Brittney speaks with Commissioner Frank Bryant, a surly aged man.  Based on intensive research and development, Brittany believes that in the Bronx Botanical Garden lies the solution that can improve the lives of everyone. Above lies mutated wild animals and poisonous plants that resulted from intensive amounts of radiation. A mutated honey badger, one of the most dangerous creatures above ground with metallic armor like skin, is tracking You, Sable and Brittany. You notice the badger has zeroed in on You and You decide if you should run or fight the honey badger.   You shoot the badger.  The badger has metallic like armor and bullets will deflect off its body. The badger becomes enraged and runs after you with razor like claws. The only way to kill the badger is to throw sulfuric acid. You run to a small lake that contains the acid and lure the badger close to you. As the badger leaps forward with its claws, at the nick of time you duck and roll out of the way as the badger splashes into the lake of acid. Brittany rushes towards you to make sure you are alright. The dying badger leaps out of the acid and comes at you with its final and crushing death blow. Brittany pushes you out of the way and gets slashed across her mid-section. The badger dies, but in its claws were hints of acid.