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Draco Warrior

The story of Draco Warrior takes place in a fictional version of the European Middle Ages where humans and animals create bonds by communicating openly with one another through the power of zoolingualism. Humans are able to communicate with animals that are commonly found on Earth, such as bears and pigs, and mythical creatures such as unicorns and centaurs. Upon birth, every human is paired with an animal companion. The animal companion will live with the human that it is paired with until death. Once either the human or the animal perishes, the solo individual will not have the opportunity to find another companion and that individual will be shunned from society forever. Humans can be paired with any animal in the animal kingdom except for dragons. Since dragons are considered to be just as intelligent and independent as humans and they are known for being the creators of the universe, humans do not have the honor of being paired with dragons. However, only humans that have demonstrated great acts of bravery, compassion, and purity can be paired with dragons. The most powerful dragon in this world is known as the Dimension Dragon. The Dimension Dragon has the ability to travel to other universes that are parallel to Earth. Anyone that is paired with the Dimension Dragon has the honor of acquiring the title of Protector of All Universes.

The main character of this story is a young serf named Drake. Drake belongs to a family whose ancestors have controlled dragons in the past. His father claims that if Drake is strong enough to leave the land that is owned by their lord, he will have a chance to go on a journey and prove his worth to the Dimension Dragon. Based on the animal companion the player chooses, the player will follow Drake on his quest to become the Protector of All Universes.

Logline: In a fictional version of the European Middle Ages, a young serf named Drake must escape his lord’s land with his animal companion and fulfill his father’s prophecy of proving his worth to the Dimension Dragon and becoming the Protector of All Universes.




While investigating the death of a local doctor, a brave police officer called Jack Sack uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed, silver box circulating throughout New York. As soon as anyone opens the box, they will find a key. Also, he or she has exactly 31 days left to live. The doomed few appear to be ordinary people during day to day life, but when photographed, they look translucent.

Jack gets hold of the box, refusing to believe the superstition. As soon as he gets a hold of the box a collage of images flash into his mind: a group of rats running out of his mouth, an old newspaper headline about a drunk driving accident with Jack dying, an abandoned house that nobody has entered for years. Jack then takes the key inside the box and puts it in his pocket.

When Johnny notices he can’t move parts of his body at times, he realizes that the curse of the silver box is true and calls in his ex-girlfriend, a private detective called Michelle Banks, to help.

Michelle examines the box (after Jack already opened it and took out the key) and willingly submits herself to the curse. She notices a different type of key. She finds that the same visions flash before her eyes. She joins the queue for a supernatural death.

Johnny and Michelle pursue a quest to uncover the meaning of the visions, starting with a search for the house. Will they be able to stop the curse before their time is up?


Background: The world was once a seemingly perfect utopia but unknown to it inhabitants, there was trouble brewing within a small, but reasonably powerful faction hidden in the shadows. This faction was unhappy with the balance of power. To deal with this imbalance the set off an Electro-Magnetic Pulse in which the world has ever seen before, effectively sending the once thriving futuristic world decades into the past. The crashing of every server in the Citadel caused a ripple effect, shutting down all other infrastructures connected to it. It has been 15 years since the incident and society is in shambles but is slowly progressing.


Technology: The technology of this world is at least a few decades ahead of anything we have today. There is power but everything must now be created by hand and only with previously held knowledge or that knowledge must come someone who knows how to do it or a primary source. However not many textbooks are left in the world and no one knows exactly why. Rumor has it the faction collected them all to keep any one person from knowing too much. Knowledge is power after all.


Inhabitants: The inhabitants of this world are humans, animals and anything else typically found on Earth except with the added possibility of cybernetic and genetic enhancements.


Main Story/Pitch: As people are trying to rebuild and develop a new society to replace the one they’ve lost, orphan Jeremy Reese Taylor is on another one of his famed expeditions to the outskirts of the settlement he lives in. JRT starts to hear stories  about his parents and they might have had something to do with the world going to hell. Intrigued and never one to miss out on an adventure he grabs his two friends Rhiannon and Harrison and set off on a fact finding mission. Little does he know what awaits him might be too much to handle. Conspiracy, Betrayal, Adventure and Horror awaits JRT and his friends. Will they survive? Will they find the answers they seek? Are JRT’s parents really dead? Play the game to find out.


Rafaela- Game Story

In a world where the ozone layer has broken, humans are forced inside and under a layer of metallic sky.  The year is 3030 in New York City, where we meet Sabel Hunter, a law enforcement rookie, teamed with veteran grumpy man Frank Bryant are tasked with guarding environmentalist and adventurer Brittney Goulash.  They must traverse through the tunnels, labelled, Subterranean, avoid the AboveGround mutants, and find inhabitable life somewhere in the state.  You and Sabel Hunter, police enforcement rookies teamed with veteran enforcer Frank Bryant.

You: Rookie cop, graduated with Sabel, seeking to find the perfect meal.

Sabel: 23 years, just graduated from Academy, hiding her past (dum dum dum!)

Frank: 57 years, widow with a dark past, wife was victim to notorious rapist and serial killer Sky.

Conflict: Teamed to bodyguard environmentalist Brittney Goulash, who is attempting to find ways to fix what is broken.  She wants to go Above.  They travers the Subway system, called Subterranean, to find inhabitable lands in NYC.

Sophos Academy

Game Idea:

The world’s top students attend Sophos Academy. As the Caretaker, you must fulfill your daily tasks. However, this year is Sophos Academy’s Quinquennial Competition. The students are determined to prove they’re the best at what they do, leading to venturous projects. Some students overreach which can lead to disastrous consequences. You must patrol the School to keep students within their reach of capabilities, protecting Sophos Academy.

The students tend to stay within their subject of proficiency when it comes to socializing. Sadly, they all view you as the bottom of the social hierarchy even though as The Caretaker you are required to be proficient in many subjects. This allows you the skills to prevent the students’ projects from going awry. Navigating the school, it’s your job to identify anything which may be destructive. Your choices for the day’s tasks can affect the outcome of other students’ projects, for better or for worse.


In Sophos Academy, The Caretaker is faced with preparing the School for the Quinquennial Competition and must keep the Students’ venturesome projects from accidentally razing the School.


Game Story:

In the world 2025, the Behavioral Analyst  Unit of the FBI captures one of the most devious killers: Merlin, not realizing his magical abilitles, the 5 members of the team are transported into the underground layer or Medusa. The team must fight to figure out where the lost souls are coming from and their stories in order to find Medusa and the portal and transport back to the human world.

Log Line: In a place where magic is an illusion, 5 team members must blend in to save themselves.

Attack On Talowitz

     In old day Porotaria year x897, Talowitz, the prince of Porotaria kingdom, a 16-year-old child with no ambition, his father the king of Porotaria dies, and since his death, Talowitz uncle, Petra the 3rd seeks to take over the throne of Porotaria through a coup d’état. The late king fearing the ambitions of his brother and therefore asked his most reliable warrior to escort Talowitz out of the Kingdom before it was too late for Talowitz. The warrior sent him to 3 Taoists whom were hermits that have served the late king well, before their retirements, in the western land of Yutaro. The Taoists are to serve Talowitz and also aid in his training to become something, befitting of a king who shall overthrow his uncle and take back his rightful place in the kingdom.


The game will take place in a Village as well as in the forest.  The main purpose for my game is for the Queen to gain back control of her kingdom. she has been absent for about 3 years. On her return she sees her kingdom has been taken over by villains and her village has gotten destroy.  The game will consist of her figuring out effective straightedges in order to distract the villains away from her kingdom. As well as her make deals, alliances and conducting labor in order for her to gain money to fix her kingdom and gain full control.

Clash of Essense

Game Story:

On 2017, multiple rifts suddenly appear in the sky. From the rifts, appears large amounts of human figures. Next to each individual people, stands a person who are identical to their partners except they have a certain aura surrounding them. These look alike are called Essence. Essence holds a special power to absorb anything that has a concept. They can then make that concept become a part of their power. The terrifying part of this power is that no matter if the concept is physical, mental, spiritual, imaginary, etc., as long as the concept exist, imagine, and can be grasp by even a single individual, it can be absorbed. In addition, Essences cannot absorb more than what the true owner’s body can handle or else the true owner’s body will self-destruct. Fortunately, all living things on Earth will be able to use the powers of Essences. Our main protagonist, Ken Clark, a 20-year-old college student, is able to awaken his Essences after a close victory with another Essence user. Knowing that battles against the invaders is inevitable, he reluctantly decides to go back home to his family. His family comes from a long line of Peacemaker. In the underground, peacemakers are people who peacefully deal with abnormal situation. After returning home, Ken underwent training to help him prepare for future battle. Battles after battles and trials after trials, Ken eventually fights against the person behind the invasion, Fir. Both fought almost to the verge of death until both can no longer fight. It was during this fight that Ken found out the goal of the invaders. He discovers that Fir wants to absorb the concept of God in this world and uses that power in order to dominate multiple universe. After his battle with Fir, Ken is determined to stop Fir from accomplishing his goal. He decides that he will find the concept of God first before Fir does and use his Essences to absorb it and change the law of the universe.



On 2017, Earth is invaded by humans with special powers from a different universe.

Lock Up

My game is about a Top Engineer named Dominic. He is an engineer with an impeccable reputation at his firm. High government agents demand his assistance in getting many of their most valuable assets out of numerous prisons. If he doesn’t do what he is being asked his family will be killed. Not knowing who they really are, he risks EVERYTHING to do what they want. He is no longer the person he has set out to be. He has only the impressive knowledge of a top engineer to come up with a plan that can help him find out who is keeping his life hostage and finally get his life back. In the process of finding out who this high government agent is and get back into reality, he must sacrifice whoever is in the way even those who helped him in the first place.