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How to Pitch

Preparing for your Presentation/Pitch (Here’s a link to a Word doc of this.)

Pitching a project is, frankly, terrifying. In the screenwriting world, we use what’s called a logline to help us organize and get started on the process of selling someone else on our story or project.  Here’s a template for creating a logline:

In [location and time/setting], X [character] is faced with Y [challenge/situation] and must do Z to resolve it.

For example, for the adventure game 80 Days, the logline might be:

“In a steampunk version of Victorian London, wealthy gentleman Phileas Fogg and his valet Passepartout decide to see if they can make it around the world in 80 days or less so they can win a bet… and prove it can be done.”

The beauty of the template is that it doesn’t have to be presented exactly like that. Here’s one for the film Jaws:

“When a Great White Shark terrorizes a small tourist town in New England, the mild-mannered sheriff Brody must team up with a scientist and a drunken fishing boat captain to stop it.”

EXERCISE: Use the template to create a logline to use when you start your Game Story pitch.


  • Location/setting:




  • Character Name plus a brief descriptive adjective or two to let us know a bit more about him/her:




  • Challenge/Situation:


  • the action/journey that needs to be accomplished:


Write your logline: