Assignments List

This is where to find the weekly assignments.

Due Thursday, September 7:

Follow the links to get the assignment (1 and 2) and find the program (3).

  1. Hobby Algorithm
  2. Albano video
  3. Download Python 3.6

Due Thursday, September 14:

Also, be sure to Post the Albano video and Hobby algorithm assignments as Posts instead of Comments.

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  1. Sana

    Sana Esa
    The Seba Kingdom
    My characters name is Princess Bilqis she has been taken from the Aden Kingdom, her home, where she was to be crowned the Empress in a fortnight. She was brought to this new land (The Seba Kingdom) through a vortex. The rules of traveling through vortex is that another must appear as a gateway back. In this new world Princess Bilqis must find the other vortex before it closes. She has two days to find before she is lost forever in the new world.

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