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In the year 2220, just graduated from the academy. taking a trip down to 34th st for a ride to check out the city. Thus year the crime rate is high. People have to seek shelter from the government & rats. Cops have to be on alert and is on call 24hrs. As we were driving down the street, Sabel & I came across a commotion in a store. Owner & employees, guests eight yelling, high school kids trying throw cans at the store. Public trying to pull them aparyt. We had to step in to stop the commotion. The kids running away. What i coudn’t believe is that, they were in ninja turtle suits and running away with pizza !!!

The Fold Story Function

Game Story Function:

  1.  A storm destroy the orphanage where the main character lives.
  2.  He sets out on a journey to discover his past. He went into a forest, found some trolls, fights, and kill them.
  3.  He enter a town and encounter guard. He kill a few and then got capture. He was taken to meet the king and found that the king is his father.

Resurface Story Functions

  1. The main character is introduced. The player can decide the name, gender, and personality of the main character.
  2. After Graduating from the academy, the main character meets up with Sabel, a colleague from the academy to save Brittany Goulash an environmentalist to restore the world above ground.
  3. You, your partner Sabel and Brittany go above ground, where there are genetically mutated creatures to find a cure and restore the world to what it once was. The future is at stake.