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Crystal Orb Alpha Test

mport time
def pageBreak(pageNum):
print (“+++++Page” , pageNum, “+++++++++”)


def blah():
print(“Hey, I’m hungry.”)

pageNum = 1
print (“It is the year 3035, the universe as we know it is crumbling. This universe is compiled of four galaxies.\n\n The earth kingdom, compiled of the Milky Way and all that inhabits. \n\n The air kingdom, which mostly exists in the drift of outer space. \n\n The fire kingdom, inhabiting only the hottest of environments, i.e. The sun or stars. \n\n The ice kingdom, in the glaciers of the Universe. \n\n A young man from the Milky Way, by the name of Leroy, holds the fate of the entire universe and has no idea.\n\n One day Leroy comes to find that he must take a journey to his home planet. The next morning he is approached by an apparition and was told he is the only hope to restore the power to the universe. Leroy is confused of these accusations, because he already is on his home planet. Leroy is soon to discover his true identity. \n\n”)
print (“Leroy is in class, learning about Galaxy History. His teacher is explaining the different planets and the powers of the great warriors from each planet. Leroy Wonders what it would be like to fight as a great warrior.”)
print ( “Leroy, begins training”)
print (“A.)Train with the professor “)
print (“B.)Train by himself”)
print (“C.)Train with group of people in class”)
choice = input(“So, what is your course of action?”)
while (choice != ‘A’ or choice != ‘a’ or choice != ‘B’ or choice != ‘b’ or choice != ‘C’ or choice != ‘c’ or choice != ‘D’ or choice != ‘d’):
if (choice == ‘A’ or choice == ‘a’):
print (“Fails training and powers are unleashed”)
print (” What are we going to do?”)
choice = input(“So, what is your course of action?”)
if (choice == ‘A’ or choice == ‘a’):
print(“As Leroy fails training his powers are unleashed without his control”)
elif (choice == ‘B’ or choice == ‘b’):
print (“Train by himself”)
elif (choice == ‘C’ or choice == ‘c’):
print (“Train with group of people in class”)
choice = input(“Wrong choice try again:”)
print ( “While training with his friends at Golds Gym, one of the boys, jockingly, pushes Leroy into the weight racks. In a moment of anger, Leroys powers are unleashed; resulting in one of Leroys friend being killed. Once realization sets in Leroy knows he must make a decision. “)

pageNum = 3


print (“”)
print ( “After Leroy’s powers leaked…. “)

print (“A.)does he run to his friend Dihaya”)
print (“B.)stay and explain what happened”)
print (“C.)Tries to fight authorities”)
choice = input(“So, what is your course of action?”)
while (choice != “A” or choice != “a” or choice != “B” or choice != “b” or choice != “C” or choice != “c”):
if (choice == “A” or choice == “a”):
print(“Goes to love interest, ‘Dihaya’ for advice, where he is informed of his father.”)
elif (choice == “B” or choice == “b”):
print(“He gets detained and is brought to jail on the Earth planet”)
elif (choice == “C” or choice == “c”):
print (” Leroy tries fighting back at the authotrities, resulting in an altercation ultimately KILLING Leroy.”)
choice = input(“Wrong choice, Try again: “)
print (” Next day…”)

Hobby Algorithm for riding a bike in New York

Step 1

Get a bike or build one if that’s your kind of thing.

Step 2

Sit on the bike seat facing the direction of the handle bars.

Step 3

Put 1 foot on the ground and the other on petal to the appropriate side.

Step 4

Push yourself with the bike with the foot that is placed on the ground.

Step 5

Push your other foot to a forward angle if the pedal is up or pointing forward do the opposite if the petal is pointing downwards.

Step 6

Place the foot that you used for pushing on the other petal.

Step 7

Push the pedal down when it comes up on either side.

Step 8

Hit an obstacle because you’re paying too much attention to everything on the ground or checking your phone or because you’re going down a narrow path that seems scary and you tell yourself you’re not making that without damage.

Step 9

Do steps 1-8 repeatedly and you will start to relax a bit.

Step 10

Go to a bike lane in New York and yell at people that start to chill walk on the bike lane like there suppose to because you have the right to.

Hobby Algorithm for Makeup

  1. Apply primer on your face as the base for your makeup.
  2. Apply foundation, and smooth out the foundation by using a beauty blender or foundation brush.
  3. Apply concealer on area that concern you such as dark under eyes and acne spots, and blend it with a beauty blender.
  4. Apply foundation power or translucent powder with a powder brush.
  5. Apply eyeshadow starting for the lightest color as the base, then apply in a darker shade as you apply your eyeshadows.
  6. Using a liquid eyeliner create a triangle shape on the outer corner of your upper eyelid, then fill in the triangle. Afterward create dash starting from the inner corner of the upper eyelid to the triangle and fill in between the space of the dash.
  7. Apply mascara over your eyelashes.
  8. Set your face with a setting spray.

Welcome to the Course

We’re going to writing and programming an interactive fiction game this term.

This Home Page will be for announcements. For the work of the class, go to the correct Menu item on the top.

We’ll be using the course Blackboard site for the Grade Book and for the Midterm and Final Exams.