Hobby Algorithm

Pick a hobby that you enjoy and would like others to know about. Come up with a step by step set of instructions that is understandable and easy to follow.

Hobbies That Are Banned:

  • Preparing, Cooking, Baking and/or Eating
  • Daily Activities ( Ex. Waking Up, Getting Dress, Brushing Teeth…)
  • A hobby that already has a set of rules (Sports w/o House rules)

9 thoughts on “Hobby Algorithm

  1. Louis

    Hobby Algorithm to investing in penny stocks

    1) Open your phone
    2) Open the stocks app
    3) Transfer money from your bank to the app
    4) Search for incoming good news from the internet
    5) Look for high traffic stocks
    6) Buy in low on the stocks
    7) Wait until the trendline skyrockets
    8) Sell all your stocks
    9) Wait T+3 days to bank out
    9) Profit

  2. Mouhamed

    Hobby Algorithm
    How to Play Marbles
    At least 2 or more player are required.
    Each player must have 2 or more marbles to participate.
    1 marble as the shooter marble and the other as your contribution to play.
    To begin play:
    1. A line must be drawn on the floor
    2. Players stay 10to 15 feet behind the line shoot their marbles towards the line.
    3. The player with the closest marble to the line gets to play first.
    4. Collet at least 1 marble from every player.
    5. Draw a triangle of about 1 square foot and place all collected marbles inside.
    6. The marbles inside the triangle can be situated however you desire, but preferably spread-out to make the game more challenging.
    7. The player whose turn it is, must stand 10 feet from the triangle and flick the shooter marble with his or her thumb trying to hit as many marbles out of the triangle as possible.
    8. If the player knocks any marbles out of the triangle, keep them and have another turn.
    9. If the player fails to knock any marbles out of the triangle, the next player takes their turn.
    10. Continue until all the marbles in the triangle are empty.
    11. The winner is the person with the most marbles at the end of the game.

  3. Akash

    Hobby Algorithm – Fishing
    STEP 1: First you have to go shopping if you don’t own a fishing pole, keep it simple; all you need is a cane, fiberglass or graphite pole, available at a bait shop or discount store. Also buy a small spool of monofilament fishing line, a couple of plastic bobbers, some split shot sinkers and some hooks. A small tackle box with divided trays and a carrying handle keeps it all organized.
    STEP 2: Bait. You can buy minnows, night crawlers, red worms and crickets at a bait shop. Other baits work, too. Saltwater fish love shrimp, dead or alive. Trout will bite kernel corn and cheese. Catfish will eat pieces of Ivory soap! Carry your bait in a small plastic bucket.
    STEP 3: Cut off a length of line about a foot longer than the length of your pole. Wrap an end around the tip of your pole and tie it tightly.
    STEP 4: Match a hook to your bait. Tie the hook to the opposite end of the line using a knot that won’t slip. Bad knots lose good fish.
    STEP 5: You’re ready for the fishing hole. If you live near the coast, you can catch all kinds of saltwater fish around piers and large rocks close to shore. If you live inland, a pond is your best bet; most ponds are loaded with bluegills and bass.
    STEP 6: Try bobber-fishing. After baiting your hook, attach the bobber above your line, simply extend the pole out over the water and lower it. Keep the pole horizontal to the water and hold it steady.
    STEP 7: Wait for the fish to bite. Fishing takes patience! It’s common for fish to take several minutes to find your baited hook. Watch your bobber. If it jumps or shakes, a fish is nibbling your bait!
    STEP 8: When the bobber goes completely under the surface, set the hook by raising the pole quickly. Then point your pole straight up in the air, so the fish swings to you.
    STEP 9: Handle with care! Most fish you’ll catch from shore don’t have sharp teeth, but many have spiny fins. Grasp the fish gently but firmly behind the head as shown. Use needle-nose pliers to remove the hook.
    STEP 10: Take a photo of your catch.

  4. Andy

    Hobby Algorithm-How to Screen-print.

    [Step 1] Gather materials from amazon or your local arts and craft store: (Printed design on transparent film, Screen mesh with frame, screen-print water based ink, 250 watt bulb with lamp, photo emulsion, 2 squeegees, screen tape, Heat gun, pressure washer, and a dark room with a filtered bulb.
    [Step 2] Screen Preparation: Go to the dark room with the screen mesh, photo emulsion, squeegee, and pour a healthy amount of emulsion over the screen mesh. Use the squeegee and swipe up and down to evenly spread the emulsion across the screen. Use the squeegee to swipe away excess emulsion. Wait 15-20 minutes for the emulsion to dry and clean the squeegee.
    [Step 3] Film Transfer: Go to the dark room with the transparent design, the 250 watt bulb, screen tape, and take the dried emulsion screen out. Place the transparent design film on the center of the screen mesh and use the screen tape to secure the design. Switch on the 250 watt lamp and hang it directly over your transparent design. Wait 10 minutes, take the film off and switch off the lamp.
    [Step 4] Exposing the design: Go outside with the exposed design and pressure washer. Plug in the washer, aim it at the center of the screen, and switch it on. Hold down the trigger, spray up and down the screen until design is exposed. Wait 10 minutes for screen to dry and put away pressure washer.
    [Step 5] Printing: Place desired item on flat surface, place screen over desired item and pour ink over the screen. Use the squeegee and swipe up once to flood ink through the screen. Lay screen on desired item and with the squeegee swipe down firmly to push the ink through the screen.
    [Step 6] Drying: Lift the screen up and switch on the heat gun. Aim it at the design and keep the heat gun about a foot away from the design. Do this for 5 minutes and clean up.
    Repeat [Steps 1-4] for a different design.
    Repeat [Steps 5-6] until you’re happy.

  5. RafMal87

    How to braid hair algorithm

    Hair braiding is a fun pastime that results in a clean and manageable hairstyle. One can leave a braid dangling down the back, braid hair many times to look more punk rock, braid small sections to add mystery, or twist a thick braid into a professional bun. Braiding becomes fast and simpler the more one practices, so grab some hair and have at it!
    Note: To partake in this hobby, one must have hair that is longer than 1 inch to get a full enjoyment out of this activity.

    Materials needed:
    Hair that is longer than 1 inch (the longer the better!)
    Hairbrush or comb
    Hair bands to contain hair after braiding
    Hairspray (optional)
    See notes below

    1) Grab a handful of hair
    a. Option one: The whole head of hair secured at the base of the head with a thin band until one is more advanced in braiding. (Only available if hair reaches past the base of one’s neck)
    b. Option two: A section of the hair. It is recommended that you then separate this section whether with its own band or by moving the rest of the hair aside.

    2) Comb selected hair, making sure to remove all knots.

    3) Separate selected section of hair into 3 equally thick parts, leaving the middle piece dangling. (Optional: Spray separate pieces with hairspray to minimize fly-away hairs)

    4) Take one of the outer pieces, twist it over the middle piece and grab middle piece.

    5) Second outer piece over new middle piece, grab middle piece.

    6) Pull new outer pieces gently to tighten into shape

    7) Repeat steps 4-6 until you’ve reached about half an inch from the end of the hair or until you cannot twist the hair anymore.

    8) Secure with rubber band. (Optional: Spray with hairspray to maintain shape and minimize fly-away hairs)

    • Ribbons can be included to add color. Simply add it to one of your sections and twist it in with the same section of hair every time.
    • Large barrettes and bows can be added to the top or bottom of braid to make it fancier.
    • Small, light clips can be added at intervals of the twists in the middle to make it elegant.

  6. Waley Guo

    Hobby Algorithm to Reading Manga for the First Time
    1. When reading your first manga, start at the back side of the book. This is mandatory because manga is written and read from right to left instead of left to right.
    2. Open the book and flip the pages until you reach the first page that has multiple panels of drawing and text bubbles.
    3. Start by reading the upper right panel of the first page.
    4. When reading the text bubbles, read it from right to left, up to down.
    5. After you finish reading the first panel, read the next panel adjacent to the panel you just finish reading.
    6. Sometimes, there will multiple panels below the panel you just read. In this case, you must read these panels before reading the adjacent panel.
    7. Turn the page and repeat steps 4-6 until you reach the last page.
    8. Congratulation. You now know how to read manga.

  7. kerolos Hanna

    Hobby Algorithm to Riding a Bike
    Step 1
    Get a bike or build one if that’s your kind of thing.
    Step 2
    Sit on the bike seat facing the direction of the handle bars.
    Step 3
    Put 1 foot on the ground and the other on petal to the appropriate side.
    Step 4
    Push yourself with the bike with the foot that is placed on the ground.
    Step 5
    Push your other foot to a forward angle if the pedal is up or pointing forward do the opposite if the petal is pointing downwards.
    Step 6
    Place the foot that you used for pushing on the other petal.
    Step 7
    Push the pedal down when it comes up on either side.
    Step 8
    Hit an obstacle because you’re paying too much attention to everything on the ground or checking your phone or because you’re going down a narrow path that seems scary and you tell yourself you’re not making that without damage.
    Step 9
    Do steps 1-8 repeatedly and you will start to relax a bit.
    Step 10
    Go to a bike lane in New York and yell at people that start to chill walk on the bike lane like there suppose to because you have the right to.

  8. Darius

    Hobby Algorithm For Vlogging

    Get a camera or Open up the Camera app on your phone/tablet (Tripod Optional)
    Point the lens towards you, making sure you are properly framed
    Set the exposure and focus then lock it (tap and hold on iphone, slide finger up and down)
    Thing of what you want to talk about, or what you want to film about your day
    Hit record and start talking, getting establishing shot of where you are and what you’re doing.
    Stop recording. Rewatch the video to make sure you got everything you wanted.
    Get to a computer to transfer your files onto flash drive or portable hard drive.
    Open the footage in your editing program of choice, iMovie works great.
    Cut and trim your footage to your liking
    Find a cool background song (no vocals) to add to your vlog. Make sure the audio level is less than you vlog level. This will cover any hum or background environment noise.
    Export your video in at least 720p to your storage device.
    Upload your video to your youtube channel or any social media of choice
    Enjoy your vlog!

  9. rache

    Hobby Algorithm of fixing IPhone Screens

    1) Clean the screen properly, if the screen is cracked place clear tape all over the screen.
    2) Unscrew the screws near the charging port.
    3) Pull out the screen using a sucker, it easily comes out.
    4) Take out the metal bar which covers the connectors, which is connected to the motherboard.
    5) Unscrew all the screws from the large metal bar that is located in the back of the screen, that protects the LCD.
    6) Remove the screw that holds the home button securely.
    7) Pick the new screen and place the metal bar on the new screen. Place and screw all the screws in the appropriate locations.
    8) Place the home button and secure it with the screws.
    9) Connect the connectors onto the motherboard and place the small metal on top of the connectors to avoid shock.
    10) Secure the screen onto the housing.
    11) Switch on the IPhone and you are able to use to it.

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