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The Fold Story Function

Game Story Function:

  1.  A storm destroy the orphanage where the main character lives.
  2.  He sets out on a journey to discover his past. He went into a forest, found some trolls, fights, and kill them.
  3.  He enter a town and encounter guard. He kill a few and then got capture. He was taken to meet the king and found that the king is his father.

Clash of Essense

Game Story:

On 2017, multiple rifts suddenly appear in the sky. From the rifts, appears large amounts of human figures. Next to each individual people, stands a person who are identical to their partners except they have a certain aura surrounding them. These look alike are called Essence. Essence holds a special power to absorb anything that has a concept. They can then make that concept become a part of their power. The terrifying part of this power is that no matter if the concept is physical, mental, spiritual, imaginary, etc., as long as the concept exist, imagine, and can be grasp by even a single individual, it can be absorbed. In addition, Essences cannot absorb more than what the true owner’s body can handle or else the true owner’s body will self-destruct. Fortunately, all living things on Earth will be able to use the powers of Essences. Our main protagonist, Ken Clark, a 20-year-old college student, is able to awaken his Essences after a close victory with another Essence user. Knowing that battles against the invaders is inevitable, he reluctantly decides to go back home to his family. His family comes from a long line of Peacemaker. In the underground, peacemakers are people who peacefully deal with abnormal situation. After returning home, Ken underwent training to help him prepare for future battle. Battles after battles and trials after trials, Ken eventually fights against the person behind the invasion, Fir. Both fought almost to the verge of death until both can no longer fight. It was during this fight that Ken found out the goal of the invaders. He discovers that Fir wants to absorb the concept of God in this world and uses that power in order to dominate multiple universe. After his battle with Fir, Ken is determined to stop Fir from accomplishing his goal. He decides that he will find the concept of God first before Fir does and use his Essences to absorb it and change the law of the universe.



On 2017, Earth is invaded by humans with special powers from a different universe.