fold game story

Act One Beginning:

Dylan wakes up in the orphanage on a typical day. He goes about waking the rest of the kids up. Then he heads to the kitchen and makes omelets. After breakfast he takes the kids out for grocery shopping. After going out for walks Dylan sees children with their family and is eager to find out who he really is. He becomes upset and goes back home without buying groceries. He arrives back at orphanage and runs to the window near the kitchen and starts crying. The caretaker heard crying noises and goes to take care of Dylan. He explains his problem to the caretaker.  She told him that he was special and if he really wanted to know the answer to his question then he has to go find the hermit that lives in a cave. Satisfied by this answer he begins making preparation for the journey to the hermit and goes to sleep early. In the middle of the night though a major storm hits the town and destroys the orphanage.

Act Two Journey:

Dylan wakes up with the sun beaming down on him and looks around to see that the orphanage was destroyed. He helps the other kids get out of the disaster safely. He gathers what he can from his preparations and starts is journey. He heads into the forest behind the orphanage and immediately feels someone following him. He looks around and is immediately attacked by a small troll. Dylan uses his paper supply to defeat the small troll, and gathers the trolls paper remains. As soon as he finishes he is immediately attacked by another one. This time it is a medium troll, but he is caught off guard and decided to run instead. While running he encounters a bigger troll. He runs faster towards the mountains. He sees an elderly figure and yells for help. The elderly figure guides Dylan to his house. Dylan interrogates the old man and the old man reveals himself as the hermit. The hermits send Dylan to go see the king in his palace in Paris, France.

Act Three Ending:

Dylan makes his way to Paris and finds the entire city in battle. Determined to find his father he heads into town and encounters a few French army soldiers and they attacked him. Dylan decides to fight them and kills all of them. He picks up the paper from the soldiers remains. He goes further into the city and encounters king’s guards. Dylan explains to the guard that he wants to meet the king. The guards not believing him attacks him. Dylan subdue the guards and heads into the palace. He encounters the king sitting in his throne and reveals who he is. The king and Dylan unites and France wins the revolution.


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