Hobby ALgorithm

Hobby Algorithm of fixing IPhone Screens

1) Clean the screen properly, if the screen is cracked place clear tape all over the screen.
2) Unscrew the screws near the charging port.
3) Pull out the screen using a sucker, it easily comes out.
4) Take out the metal bar which covers the connectors, which is connected to the motherboard.
5) Unscrew all the screws from the large metal bar that is located in the back of the screen, that protects the LCD.
6) Remove the screw that holds the home button securely.
7) Pick the new screen and place the metal bar on the new screen. Place and screw all the screws in the appropriate locations.
8) Place the home button and secure it with the screws.
9) Connect the connectors onto the motherboard and place the small metal on top of the connectors to avoid shock.
10) Secure the screen onto the housing.
11) Switch on the IPhone and you are able to use to it.

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