Albino Video Game

Worksheet for GDV talk by Heather Albano

  1. In your own words, explain the difference between a parser interactive fiction game and a choose your path interactive fiction game.

Ans: A Parser interactive fiction game is a game where the player has a choice using the text and coding of how the game should be.

2.Name an example of a parser game.

 Ans:  Zork 1

3. Name an example of a choose your own path game.

Ans: Sugarcane Island by Edward Packard

4.Why does she say interactive fiction virtually died out in the mid-1990s?

Ans: Interactive fiction virtually in the mid -1990’s died out because of competitions .

5.Why does she say poetry is an important element of interactive fiction writing? What example does she use?

Ans: Poetry is an important element of interactive fiction writing because it is with carefully chosen words that we build games and makes it more fun for the users. For eg: With those We Love Alive.

6.Why does she say that ambiguity is not only unavoidable but also necessary?

Ans: Ambiguity is necessary for storytelling so by being ambiguous, lets players use their own imagination tell a story.

7.What’s important about complicity?

Ans: Complicity lets the player control the game’s outcome.

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