Who am I ?


My name is Crystal Cameron.. I am currently a freshman in my second semester pursing my Bachelors degree in Law and Paralegal Studies.  When I first came to City tech I was a Nursing major but after long consideration I switched to Law. The reason I switched to law was due to the fact that I love to get underneath people skin with cold hard facts and I also enjoy proving people wrong.  Aside from Law I enjoy shopping, hanging out with friends , dancing and etc. My love for dancing came from my Caribbean background ; my mother is Trinidadian and my father is Jamaican.  Every year I usually take a trip to Trinidad to visit family and enjoy the warm weather, the beaches and the culture.  From the course I intend to gather more knowledge on Civil law and law in general





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  1. Andrea rosario

    Hello Crystal Cameron,
    My name is Andrea Rosario , love how I can get to know you through what you have wrote about yourself on here. Well Im am glad to say that I am a freshman as well & going for the same major. Nice to meet you.

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