Opinion piece: When Will Eric Garner Get Justice?  (NYT 05.17.19)

Alabama’s new abortion law: news report (NYT 05.15.19) and opinion piece against the law (NYT 05.16.19) **I did not find an article supporting the law–if you find one, please post it or send to me to post!  Prof. C.

Chicago Court Issues Default Judgment Against R. Kelly in Sex Abuse Case (NYT 04.24.19)

US Supreme Court to Decide Whether Transgender and Gay Employees are Protected From Discrimination (NYT 04.22.19)

Editorial on NYC school segregation (yes, now) (NYT 04.15.19)

Your Ancestors Were Slaves. Who Owns Photos of Them? (lawsuit by slaves’ descendants against Harvard University) (NYT 03.22.19)

Amy Schumer & Other Celebs Fight For Waitresses’ Pay But They Say No Thanks (NYT 03.22.19)

Black Lawmakers to Block Legalization of Marijuana in NY if their Communities Don’t Benefit (NYT 03.11.19)

College Admissions Scandal (NYT 03.12.19)

NYS Legislature Passes “Revenge Porn” Law (NYT 02.28.19)

NY & 15 other states sue Trump to stop border wall (NYT 02.18.19)  Here’s the full complaint filed in federal court!  It’s nearly 60 pages long so here are a few pages of excerpts, I’ll bring some paper copies to Monday’s class.

NYC to Ban Employment Discrimination Based on Hair (NYT 02.18.19)

El Chapo Could Go To Prison That Is “Not Designed for Humanity” (NYT 02.15.19)

Why The El Chapo Jury is Taking Its Time  (NYT 02.05.19) **We talked about this on our trip!  🙂

White Men Hold NYC’s Top Political Posts–Candidates Want to Change That (NYT 02.06.19)

US Supreme Court Blocks Louisiana Abortion Law (NYT 02.07.14)

Lack of Diversity in Big Law Firms (NYT 01.30.19)

NY Legislature Passes Child Abuse Victims Act (NYT 01.28.19)

NY Legislature Bans Gay Conversion Therapy (NYT 01.21.19)

Article on Volunteer Immigration Lawyers (NYT 01.26.19)

Women Candidates for 2020 Presidential Election (NYT 01.21.19)