Kristen Browde sworn in as the president of the LGBTQ Bar Association of Greater New York

Kristen Prata Browde being sworn in by Paul G. Feinman

Kristen Prata Browde, founder and board member of the National Trans Bar Association, was sworn in this Monday as the new and current president of the LGBTQ Bar Association of Greater NY. Of course , it was only fitting, she was sworn in by Justice Paul G. Feinman, as he was not only a previous president of the LGBTQ bar of Greater NY, but the first openly gay justice sworn in to the NY State Court of Appeals.

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  1. Kerin E. Coughlin

    Hi Abigail, thanks for alerting us to this development! On a related note, the US Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether the federal Civil Rights Act protects gay and transgender individuals from workplace discrimination. An NYT article addressing it is posted under “Articles.” I encourage anyone to post a summary and response for extra credit!
    Prof. C.

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