Author: CrystalC

Court Observation

On April 5th around 11:40 am I entered Criminal court on 330 Jay st and proceeded to go upstairs to the clerk office. As I entered I asked the clerk if there was any trials taking place and if I’m allowed to sit in on one of the them. The clerk then proceeded to tell me that due to it being a Friday that not a lot of cases are taking place due to judges leaving early but he would call and see if there was any. As we waited we took a look around the office which he then proceeded to tell us that there was no trials going on and to check back Monday. Due to this being the last day to turn the project in I then went over to 360 Adams st which is New York Supreme Court ( Civil Term )  Kings County.  As I entered through the side doors I was thrown for a loop ; I went through scanning and into the County Clerk room where I stepped up to Window 1 and questioned Where would I be able to observe a court case for an assignment. The clerk then gave me a list of confusing instructions where all I remembered was to take the elevator to the 2nd floor.  As I got to the second floor I walked all the way to the back where Surrogate Court Help Center and asked them the same question ; this time I received much clearer instructions and an actual court case to sit in on. As I approached room 363 Judge Ingrid Joseph allowed me to sit in on her case of Negligence. It was case of the Plaintiff slipping on a raised sidewalk and falling on the Defendant’s property ; as remedy the Plaintiff is suing for $2 Million.

Who am I ?


My name is Crystal Cameron.. I am currently a freshman in my second semester pursing my Bachelors degree in Law and Paralegal Studies.  When I first came to City tech I was a Nursing major but after long consideration I switched to Law. The reason I switched to law was due to the fact that I love to get underneath people skin with cold hard facts and I also enjoy proving people wrong.  Aside from Law I enjoy shopping, hanging out with friends , dancing and etc. My love for dancing came from my Caribbean background ; my mother is Trinidadian and my father is Jamaican.  Every year I usually take a trip to Trinidad to visit family and enjoy the warm weather, the beaches and the culture.  From the course I intend to gather more knowledge on Civil law and law in general