final project.

My final project should be to help my cousin take a photo of his job relate. He is a sushi chef. So I want to help him shoot a portrait and products. which is divided into two days. May 13th was only time his is free, so that day I help him shoot some portraits about his identity. On May 15th I am going to shoot sushi products.

The main audience is commercial for restaurant. I choose this theme because i saw a video about photography is like sushi by Ralph Gibson from The Art of Photography. (

I am still searching for more commercial portraits of chefs and sushi products.

Sushi pieces placed between chopsticks, separated on black background. Popular sushi food.


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  1. rmichals

    This is a workable idea.

    Plan three shots with the chef and three shots that are still life.

    The three shots with the chef could be a portrait, a portrait with a knife, and a shot where the chef is working with just hands. Think about if the lighting is dark and moody or light and bright. Remind the chef to look his best when he arrives for the shot. Think carefully about what he will wear.

    Of the still life shots, one could be on black plexi like your example.
    Another may use sushi matts or a beautiful plate.

    When you get to photographing the food, you will probably want some tweezers to move things around on the set. Sesame seeds and rice grains. Maybe some shiso. some nori?

    For inspiration look at Gregory Heisler’s photo of Daniel Boulud.

    ERbphoto of chef’s. Here I like the one of the chef sprinkling salt. Not sure if there is a sushi equivalent but this is a good idea. Maybe you should do you last inspiration about this photographer?

    Also, the video you gave as an example is not about sushi photography.


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