Daniel Singh – Assignment (Inspiration: Julia Sent)

Still life paintings are those of staged inanimate objects that might include fruits, flowers, textiles, etc.  Julia Sent’s spin on this is interesting because she creates a completely darkened or empty background that compels the eye towards the subject and accompanying ceramic platforms.  High contrast, yet very simple.  In the this photo, I am drawn by the sense of motion from the placement of the grapes.  The ceramic cup appears to have tipped over, sending the grapes in different directions.  The most notable is the cluster of grapes that dangles at the edge of the table.  The frame is lit mainly from the 3/4 angle, and the grapes look delectable because of this.  It also does a great job of showcasing the wood grain in the areas most immediately surrounding the fruit, but allowing it to blend in to the dark background as you move further away.  Lastly, I appreciate her use of leading lines by placing the cup and its fruit on the convergence lines of the table, which guide the eye to this portion of the frame, and offer perspective.  Although a simplistic photograph, arrangement and composition strengthen its interest.  Bonus photo added just because it reminded me of the exercise during class. Also high contrast and very effective execution.





One thought on “Daniel Singh – Assignment (Inspiration: Julia Sent)

  1. rmichals

    Simple can be very compelling! the high contrast as you say directs our attention. I like the sense of narrative in the photo that you picked. the grapes spilled out of the cup and may fall onto the floor. It is a small tragedy. Not a death. Nothing major. Just one of those small things that don’t go smoothly.

    and the bonus photo does echo what we did in class. I actually used to bring in eggs but it is really a mess when one breaks!


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