Daniel Singh – Assignment (Final Project Proposal)

I’ve been really inspired by the work we have done this semester alongside Start Small, Think Big.  With my portfolio in mind, a chord was struck, I want to help the smaller “mom and pop” brands develop their voice, their brand, in this convoluted corporate dominant society.  I’ve reached out to a friend whom recently started a health conscious juicing business named Dvine Greens.  I look to help her capture high resolution photos that she would otherwise not be able to stage for her website, while I get to make my tuition dollars meaningful to someone other than myself.

This market although niche is directly tied to fitness and wellness.  Her most popular offering being the three-day juice cleanse.  As her business grows, I’d like to provide polished photos to match the integrity of these drinks, and their fresh essence.

I’ve provided some of her existing shots, then some that are inspired by food and beverage photographer, Annabelle Breakey.







One thought on “Daniel Singh – Assignment (Final Project Proposal)

  1. rmichals

    I love the work of Annabelle Breakey. Thanks for letting me know about it. Why don’t you do the last inspiration about her work? She really controls the palette in her photographs. You might want to think about the main color in your images coming from the juices and everything else being white or beige or gray. Neutral. You are going to want some kind of natural background like a cutting board or a woven mat. You should certainly also use the ingredients. You should shop for these very carefully, look for the most perfect.

    To get the color of the juice to be vibrant, you may have to add something to it. esp the beet juice which looks very dark on camera. this may just be water. You might want to do a test by photographing the juices ahead of time and figuring out what you need to do to get good color. So on the days of the shoot you already have this figured out.

    If you want the glass to have some condensation on it, the trick is to spray it with a mix of glycerin and water. Please get some glycerin. I can try to get it but I am afraid I will forget.

    Here are some questions in no particular order:
    Do you want to do any pictures with the owner of Divine Greens?
    Do you want to do any shots of the preparation of the juice or have someone drinking the juice?
    Are all the shots still life?
    You need to create 6 different shots for the assignment. What is the story that these 6 shots will tell?


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