Inspiration- Philip Lorca-Dicorcia

Philip Lorca- Dicorcia has fantastic photographs, in his Hustler’s series, there are numerous of photos that caught my attention. However, the image I chose from his series is where a man probably in his 20s, is standing topless in the center, and it seems that he’s about to exit the door. The young man is touching the wall with his left hand. He seems to have his jeans ripped and its a bit dirty.  The reason why I like the photograph is that the man isn’t looking at the camera and you don’t need someone looking directly at the camera to have an impressive shot. The man is standing with his back faced from the camera. We see shadows created on his back, its a well reflective. There is also a shadow formed on the wall. I like how the shadow on the wall contrast with the light coming from the door. The lighting coming from the door is intense, and the shadow is also sharp, however, it seems to dissolve when it’s near him. I believe there was a diffuser involved to create this photo. I like the composition and the shadows it makes the man look there something out there.

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