Inspiration: Annie Lebowitz and Awol Erizku

In this¬†assignment, we had to compare¬†and contrast Demi Moore¬†by Annie Lebowitz 1991 and Beyonce by Awol Erizku 2017 photographs. Before analyzing and distinguish both works, I wanted to know more about the photographers and their style of work. While researching them, it was interesting to¬†see how they applied¬†their technique to¬†the pregnant celebrities photographs. Each of the photographs has a different unique¬†style. Annie Leibovitz and Awol Erizku have different styles of lighting. However, they both portray pregnant celebrities¬†looking beautiful. Annie Leibovitz is an American portrait¬†photographer one of her well known and discussed portraits was of Demi Moore pregnancy. The famous photograph was taken in 1991, during this time this image was controversial¬†and many people didn’t react well.¬†¬†There are two lighting being used. Annie¬†Annie Leibovitz uses a dark background, and the light is placed one to the right side, the other on the left top.¬† The lighting makes Demi Moore stand out and have a strong¬†confident.

Awol Erizku has a different style in portraying pregnancy. As you can see in Awol Erizku’s Beyonce’s pregnancy portrait, one can guess he’s using¬†natural lighting. In my opinion,¬†the background is stronger. It overshadows Beyonce’s pregnancy.¬† Beyonce sitting doesn’t make her a strong and confident like Demi Moore. Overall, Erizku uses color to make¬†Beyonce look like a caring mother.

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