Inspiration: Demi Moore and Beyonce

For our homework, we have to compare and contrast two photographs. Demi Moore by Annie Lebowitz 1991 and Beyonce by Awol Erizku 2017.

Besides that these photographs are about pregnancy, they are different. The lighting, the way they look at the camera, and their surrounding. When I look at these photos I see the different locations of the lights. For example Moore’s photograph, She has three lights. The main light that is on her right side of her face, a fill light that brightens her shadow on the left, and a hair light that brightness her hair more. When it comes to Beyonce’s photo, I feel that she has more than three lights, because she doesn’t have a lot of shadows like Moore’s photograph. In my opinion, she has a light in the background because I can see the clouds and the blue color perfectly, two lights  45 degrees, a hair light, and reflectors in the front.

When it comes to the surroundings. In my opinion, the background of these photos show the different personalities of the artists. ( Demi Moore is an actress and Beyonce a singer) Moore’s photo shows a more quiet and powerful photo because of the black background and the three lights. Also, I think because this photo was in the 1991 Moore preferred this kind of style. However, Beyonce’s photo shows a more playful background with flowers and a green veil on her hair. She has a lot of colors that makes the photo more interesting.

Besides all of that, they have two things in common, and that is the placement of the hands and the pose. Their bodies are to the left and their hands touching their belly. When it comes to photos of pregnancy this is the best posture because it shows a relationship between the mother and the child.


One thought on “Inspiration: Demi Moore and Beyonce

  1. rmichals

    In the Leibovitz photo, I can only see two lights. A main light and a fill light. And this is broad light because Demi Moore’s face is in a 3/4 view and the light is falling on the side of her visible ear.

    In the Erizku photo, I assume there is a very large front light or bank of lights to the left of the photographer. the light is very soft and even, characteristics of a large light.


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