Maternity photos!

A snapshot of a mother to be proudly displaying that bump has been created a million times before and will continue. Each photoshoot is as unique as the mother, to convey as much as she needs to say. Annie Lebowitz and Awol Erizku’s maternity photos of Demi Moore and Beyoncé both produce stunning images. Both portraits feature a beautiful woman in ¾ pose clutching their body but that’s where most of the similarities end.
Demi Moore in Lebowit’z portrait is a high contrast image with diffused Rembrandt lighting illuminating both the subject and the backdrop. The light brings focus onto Moore’s baby bump, framed by her hands. This portrait is striking yet simple, the subjects are emphasized only by light. I feel a sense of strength and courage, two things needed to bring life into the world.

Awol Erizku portrait of Beyoncé, is overflowing with props and light. This image is displaying abundance but not for Beyoncé, for the life that she is nurturing. Erizku drapes the face of the mother to emphasis the focus on the bum that’s only protected by loving hands. Around the belly itself is void of distractions like flowers to help bring the eye to the subject.

Beyoncé is saying I am giving you all that you need to be great. Demi Moore is saying I am giving you my strength. Both portraits are a message of the devotion and sacrifice. Perhaps these portraits are a reminder for the mother to look back on and renew the ideals she held.

One thought on “Maternity photos!

  1. rmichals

    I agree pose is about all these two photos have in common. The Leibovitz photo uses broad light- Demi Moore’s face is in a 3/4 view.

    I was kind of confused by the veil. Your theory that it makes Beyonce’s belly more important than her makes some sense.


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