Richard Avedon & Jonathan Mannion

Richard Avedon’s all pictures are in black and white. When I looked at all his work, I feel like he reflected some particular emotions, feelings and thoughts to his photos. He tried to catch people’s behaviors in a natural way because one of his quote’s is “The moment an emotion or fact is transformed into a photograph, it is no longer a fact but an opinion.” He had known for his work in the fashion world and for his minimalist, large-scale character-revealing portraits. He was the portrait and its ability to express the essence of its subject.

Jonathan Mannion used some black and white pictures and portraits, like how he photographed Jay Z with a old style fashion. Other than that he had pictures in color, people from 20th century and had a different concept. He also took from different perspectives of the subject rather than just taking as a portrait.

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  1. rmichals

    The quote you selected by Avedon is a very interesting one. It recognizes that a photograph is subjective, not objective. It is taken by someone and reflects the opinion and world view of the photographer. Certainly, this is true of Avedon’s photos where the style is so dominant. The subjects pose against a light background, flattened by front light.

    Also if you are going to borrow statements from other writers like “minimalist, large scale, character revealing portraits” you MUST cite your source otherwise it is plagiarism.

    The assignment isn’t to quote other authors but to look at the work and write your own observations.


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