Richard Avedon & Jonathan Mannion Comparison

Richard Avedon’s work has a very recognizable visual style. All of his subjects are (usually) composed against a plain (white) background and are high contrast. His style creates emphasis on the subject’s emotion and personality. Mannion’s portrait of Jay-Z is reflective of Avedon’s style because it uses a plain background and is high contrast and as a result shares the same emotional quality as the portraits done by Avedon. While this may not be correct to say I feel Mannion’s work doesn’t really differentiate himself from Avedon in any way. Besides the more contemporary subjects and more frequent use of color.

One thought on “Richard Avedon & Jonathan Mannion Comparison

  1. rmichals

    Don’t worry about what is correct. It is a valid opinion that Mannion learned a lot from Avedon and beyond that photographed many famous people but cannot be said to have developed his own style.


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