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To make use of the glass and try different variation on the glass is half full and use different bright lighting set ups that imply that there is something better coming or a better future. So bright white lighting behind the glass or maybe a yellow lighting that has reflections on the glass. Something that reflects back to the article that focuses on a positive attitude or outlook. Maybe trying a close up shot from above into the glass having some symmetry in the composition.


The article is basically about convincing you to be optimistic instead of pessimistic. It describes how optimists usually live fuller and wealthier lives. It also tells you that things like laughing, exercising, and the like will also help you lead a healthier and a more optimistic life.

Obviously the picture would have to be light and bright. My basic idea for this would be shooting the glass from the bottom and have it towering above you. This in my opinion would show the glass as optimistic and powerful as opposed to making it small and insignificant.

Another idea, if possible would be framing the image with 2 glasses, one of which is more full then the other, and having the fuller one seem like it is taller then the glass with less liquid.