In the “She being Brand” poem the author is using a metaphor of testing a car to refer to having a sexual experience with a female who happens to be a virgin. He describes the excitement of having  a new car, however if it’s a extended metaphor of a sexual experience.  In the Coming Home, Detroit, 1968 poem he talks about middle and low class working class, and the setting talks about the American Dream. It shows how the American Dream was a masquerade of false hope. In my opinion it shows how people are blinded by material things and forget about the corruption that we cause on our city everyday. But poem set a mood on the narrator, and our they receive there experience. The “She being Brand” poem talks more about onesself, and the “Near the freeway” talks about as a community of people.

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  1. rmichals

    You make an interesting point that the ee cummings poem is about a small private experience while the Levine poem is about something larger, possibly about “the masquerade of the American Dream,” about the misery of an entire community.


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