Beats and Bose

Beats “Hear What You Want” and Bose’s “Noise Canceling” campaign show two completely difference approaches to advertising headphones. Beat’s is a more fashion forward product expressing a message of ownership on what you choose to hear. Bose focuses more on the quality of hearing in their product rather than how fashionable they are. Bose’s intended message in this campaign is being able to cancel the noise you do not want to hear for example construction work on the street.

Both brands have very different audiences. Beats is targeting mainly African Americans, people into celebrities and followers of specific genres like hip-hop. Mostly targeting a younger audience. Where as Bose is targeting a more suburban lifestyle, middle aged caucasian group of people.

The style of photography just another whole difference in these campaigns. Beats uses profile portraits in a serious tone that really helps support the message. Bose uses landscape photograph showing volume with the things people don’t like to hear. It was a very creative idea that supported its intended meaning and hit their target audience.

These two campaigns different approach on how to advertise their product were powerful in the sense of their intended audience.

One thought on “Beats and Bose

  1. rmichals

    You state the difference between the campaigns well. It is interesting that the Bose headphones don’t appear in the ad. It just isn’t important what they look like.


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