Beats and Bose

Though the line “hear what you want” sounds like it could be for noise canceling headphones, the intended message for the Beats ads is that while wearing them you get to hear exactly what you want rather than silence the world outside the headphones. The intended audience is people who are into the appearance and name of a product rather than its function (since Beats headphones don’t have a stellar reputation for sound quality). Thinking of the models they used to advertise the Beats headphones, the audience could very well be people who see themselves represented in the ad. As for the Bose ad, the intended message is definitely that the Noise Canceling Headphones are amazing at their job and cancel out the most annoying of noises. The imagery used (a small child, construction, a dog) suggests that the target audience is suburban people or those that deal with annoying sounds on a day to day basis.

The photography styles differ because the Beats ads use higher contrast, and the angle is a little low but mostly eye level close ups while the Bose ads are evenly lit and they’re whole scenes instead of close ups. These styles help the intended meanings because the high contrast and angle show power and style which is essential to Beats while the diffused light and the distance of the subjects from the camera in the Bose ads is essential to the feeling of turning down the noises you don’t want to hear. The styles also speak to their respective audiences differently.

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  1. rmichals

    You bring up a good point. I in my attempt to find two campaigns close enough to compare glossed over the differences. The Beats ads emphasize hearing something you love while the Bose ads are about tuning noise out.


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