Ad Comparison Schick VS. Gillette

So we’ve got 2 leading brand Razor companies….. Well they’ve seem to promote themselves in different ways within these 2 images. Schick decided to give you a more then the average glamour shot, they’ve went above and beyond by giving us Torso and above. It isn’t just about the facial features , the clothing plays a big role in this image as well. We’ve got a properly dressed male , decent haircut with a squirrel attached to his face. Clean cut, classy professional look is what Schick is going for. Not really understanding the purpose of squirrel on the mans face but it fits on perfectly fine and you would assume that its actually a beard. Females also do prefer to use the brand Schick for a number of reasons. That being that they assume that Gillette is known for being only for males. On the other hand we’ve got a Gillette a brand popularly known by Athletes. We have a dominant facial expression , anger in the face of this individual but its sport affiliated so thats expected. The image shows you a well shaved male in the NFL with text faces very bold providing information about the brand what they provide and the name of their company.  These brands have a completely different audience that being that Schick is for the more classy type of individual while Gillette is more used by athletes.

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