Robin Michals | COMD 1340 Photography 1 DO97

Author: Aiesha Bennett

Local Corrections: Before and After


For this photo I fixed the geometry, raised the clarity, and used the auto-white balance. I lowered the exposure, shadows, and blacks. Then I used the brush to focus on the paintings in the background. On the paintings, I lowered the exposure and highlights. I also raised the clarity, saturation, and shadows.

HW 1 Composition- Aiesha Bennett

The photograph I chose is Michael Kenna, Twin Towers, Study 2, New York City, USA, 2000. The photograph is taken in New York City of the Twin Tower skyscraper buildings. I chose this photograph because I liked the angle it was taken at. It makes the Twin Towers look really tall even though they already are. What also stood out to me in the photograph is the contrast of the Twin Tower buildings and the sky in the back. The buildings are really dark while the sky is really bright. It makes the buildings seem kind of ominous looking.

The three photography elements I see in this photograph are fill the frame, figure to ground, and leading lines. For fill the frame element, the Twin Tower buildings take up a lot of the frame of the photo with the sky being the only thing in the background. This brings me to the next photo element in the piece, figure to ground. The Twin Tower buildings are really dark in contrast to the sky and clouds. The sky and clouds are really light. In the photo, the Twin Towers lead your eyes from the bottom of the photo to the sky at the top of the photo which is leading lines.

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