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Jiang Hailey_Felix

In this poster, Felix builds a strong hierarchy with scale and arrangement. ‘love’ and ‘inks’ are the largest and was placed in the center of this poster which drags viewers’ attentions. All the informational texts are legible in its size and style.

Colors also play a important role here. By using complementary primary colors like green and red, black and white. It creates a high contrast and a lot of visual vibration. Which is visually appealing to the viewers.

Jiang Hailey_TT_RP

The one on the left works the least to me because the tracking between words and letters makes it hard to read. My eyes were tired to identify the meaning of the poster.

The one on the right works best to me because of the scale contrast between text form, it drags my attention. The information is also legible.

Jiang Hailey_Scher

This design became a new moment for public theater. These posters are filled with words, it is urban, aggressive, and crazy, just like New York. Her works are powerful and influential, it became the standard in two to three years. What’s even more amazing about Paula Scher is that after the paradigm shift she keeps exploring a new style of design.