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Type Challenge color


  • Take your color poster from the homework
  • Make a new master with that layout
    Insert three pages in InDesign with that new master
  • 1. Utilize complementary colors from color wheel of you existing layout if it is black make it white if it is red make green etc.
  • 2. explore Tint = lightened color (increase brightness, add white)
  • 3. one = desaturated color (reduce opacity of you colors in InDesign
  • Export = jpg “last name_Firstname_designC1a.jpg”
  • upload to course site
  • Create a new post named “Last Name_First_Name_ TC_  “ADDNAME”
  • Give it categories “Student Post Type Challenge” “Type Challenge -….”
  • Save your work as jpg named: “Last Name_First_Name_ TC_ “ADDNAME” .jpg”. Insert jpg INTO your post.
  • Comment on at least one other students work.  Try to give your assessment in terms of what is working or not clear. “loving or “liking” or “being blown away” by work is OK but not helpful. What and why the work is successful and what is not working is key in refining and improving work

Due Date(s)

  • Specified time or 11:30PM the night before next class


  • Add assignment resources or readings

Type challenge grid 11/17

Upload by time specified during class

Create new
Indesign. file 11×17

Facing pages. ON


Insert 10 pages

You will create
3 master guides pages per demo live.

  1. Golden ratio 11×17 box 0x0 coordinates. Divide width and height by 1.62 snap guides to box edges per demo
  2. Van de Graf cannon as per demo
  3. 9×9 grid page

Place your Pet Peeve text using grid in each layout create 3 layouts
Export as PDF
upload to media library
Be sure to name your file

Last-name first name gold ratio grid-1-2-3

Type Challenge Li Xu

Select one of  designer Li Xu’s posters below

Use it as your design guide render the word below in the style of the poster you selected


Try to capture the distinct layout and typographic style and elements of the works you choose.

Think of this as sketching from life and art at a museum where you would sketch the works of art

Here you are using typography, that is the only difference


Work 30 minutes time.

Upload one jpg  to Openlab Lastname first name TC Li Xu

Finish for next class

More here designer Li Xu’s posters from

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Slider image
Slider image
Slider image
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Slider image
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