Project 1


Book using InDesign.

Project 1 introduces common type vocabulary: Anatomy of type, variations, arrangement and spacing, as well as the basic page composition of industry standard publication software (InDesign)

This project contains multiple assignments:

  • Create multiple page InDesign Booklet:
    • Designing a cover, anatomy of type, variations, alignment, line space, word space, type on a path.

Example of a completed book


Submitted via Dropbox class drive
Package your Indesign file
Upload folder of packaged’ file of your InDesign Named ‘lastname firstnname_Typebook’ into: Dropbox  
Create a post on OpenLab   named lastname firstnname_Typebook
Categories “Student work” and Project 1
Upload a PDF version of your Type Book  named lastname firstnname_Typebook

A folder will be created and will include: Indesign Files, PDF, Fonts and Links

Pages to include: 15 Pages Total including the cover

Project 1: Type Book COVER
Project 1: Type Book_02a – Anatomy of Letterform Diagram with labels for parts of each letter.
Project 1: TypeBook_03 – 5 found type five photos Anatomy of Letterforms
Project 1: TypeBook_04 – Kerning and Tracking
Project 1: TypeBook_04a – Variations
Project 1: TypeBook_05a Leading
Project 1: TypeBook_05b Alignment (Two Pages)
Project 1: TypeBook_05c Classification of Type Styles Alignment Typesetting (Five Pages)
Poject 1: TypeBook_06a – Drop cap (Two Pages)
Project 1: TypeBook_06 Type on a path


Class Pinterest Pages
Book Design
Saddle Stitch Mockups
Page Layout And Grid

Page Layout And Grid

Grid Golden Ration Page

Fibonacci Sequence

Page Design Layout
Page Layout/Harmony
Thinking With Type: GRID
Books on Ipad
Typography Proportion Online

InDesign User Guide:

Make New Doc InDesign

InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts:

InDesign Page Layout

InDesign Multi page Doc Set Up

InDesign Change Doc Set Up

InDesign Page Numbering

InDesign Style Sheet Resources

InDesign Apply Style Sheet

InDesign Style Sheet Panel

Set Existing Text to Style Sheet

Text Flow Import Text

Printing /Page Set Up/ Imposition

Preflight 1
Preflight 2
Basic Guide to Prepress

Package files
Preflight Prepress

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