Class 14

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  • Class Date: Thurs Oct. 15
  • Class Time: 8:30AM-10:00AM


  • Continue Project 2 – Part 1 Expressive Typography: (four words):
  • Bring Ideas into the computer
    • Now it is time to interpret your sketches and determine which actual typeface to use. For this part of assignment you can use Indesign or Illustrator
    • General Specs: 
      • 4 pages (one for each word)
      • Size: 3.5” x 3.5”  square 
      • Add a 1 pt outline (border around the square)
      • Select one Sans Serif Typeface per word (with variations ok)
      • Only use black and white.
  • Remember that you already know about typeface selection, case (U & LC) and word spacing and must apply those concepts moving forward.

You can consider scale, repetition, overlap, removal of letters or parts of it to create a visual definition of your words. Do not add illustrations.

This PDF Shows the use of the PATHFINDER/DIVIDE tool in Illustrator:

This PDF shows how the Touch Tool in Illustrator might be useful if you need to quickly tilt letters


  • Students learn how to interpret their sketches to then make better selections of typeface and software to use once moving into digital environment.


Type Talk Discussion – Rocco Piscatello Posters

Type Challenge – Land of Punctuation.

To-Do After Class

  1. Found Alphabet post
  2. Type Talk Discussion – Rocco Piscatello Posters
  3. Expressive Type – Bring sketches into application continue to refine based on crit, at least one initial layout of each word.
    • upload those layouts into your exiting project 2 post.
    • Create a gallery

Create a Gallery In a Post
Edit a Gallery In a Post

Please refer to this PDF with assignment details.

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