HW #2 Food & Cofee during the Civil War

What’s most interesting to me about a Civil War soldier’s diet is the hardtack (cracker). I find it very fascinating that the hardtack these soldiers used to eat, even after 150 years have passed, it still looks eatable! This cracker was nutritious for the soldiers, and so simple to make using only flour, salt, and water, which makes it even more valuable. The hardtack was also called a tooth breaker since it was hard to bite into it. Soldier’s even had to dip it inside of their coffee to soften the cracker. I feel like the food served somewhat of an advantage to some soldier’s and gave them something else to think about other than the war, which was a good cause.

The food that I cannot live without are pancakes and eggs. Breakfast is an important meal which fuels you up and get you running for the day, and in my opinion there’s no better way to do that without the sweetness of syrup and buttery pancakes mixing together. They always bring out the perfect, delicate taste.


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